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Technical Name auth_brute_force
Also available in version v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0
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Tracks Authentication Attempts and Prevents Brute-force Attacks

This module registers each request done by users trying to authenticate into Odoo. If the authentication fails, a counter is increased for the given remote IP. After a defined number of attempts, Odoo will ban the remote IP and ignore new requests. This module applies security through obscurity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_through_obscurity), When a user is banned, the request is now considered as an attack. So, the UI will not indicate to the user that his IP is banned and the regular message 'Wrong login/password' is displayed.

This module realizes a call to a web API (http://ip-api.com) to try to have extra information about remote IP.

Known issue / Roadmap

The ID used to identify a remote request is the IP provided in the request (key 'REMOTE_ADDR'). Depending of server and / or user network configuration, the idenfication of the user can be wrong, and mainly in the following cases:

  • if the Odoo server is behind an Apache / NGinx proxy without redirection, all the request will be have the value '' for the REMOTE_ADDR key;
  • If some users are behind the same Internet Service Provider, if a user is banned, all the other users will be banned too;


Once installed, you can change the ir.config_parameter value for the key 'auth_brute_force.max_attempt_qty' (10 by default) that define the max number of attempts allowed before the user was banned.

You can also add a ir.config_parameter value for the key 'auth_brute_force.environ_log' which allows to log also specific request environment variables.

The format is a comma-delimited list of variable names example: REMOTE_ADDR,REMOTE_PORT

or you can just use the jocker '*' for log or discover all variables, most variable names depends of WSGI specification and reverse-proxy configuration.


Admin user have the possibility to unblock a banned IP.


This module generates some WARNING logs, in the three following cases:

  • Authentication failed from remote ''. Login tried : 'admin'. Attempt 1 / 10.
  • Authentication failed from remote ''. The remote has been banned. Login tried : 'admin'.
  • Authentication tried from remote ''. The request has been ignored because the remote has been banned after 10 attempts without success. Login tried : 'admin'.


List of Attempts


Detail of a banned IP

/auth_brute_force/static/description/screenshot_custom_ban.png Try me on Runbot

For further information, please visit:

Bug Tracker

Bugs are tracked on GitHub Issues. In case of trouble, please check there if your issue has already been reported. If you spotted it first, help us smashing it by providing a detailed and welcomed feedback here.



  • Sylvain LE GAL (https://twitter.com/legalsylvain)
  • Sylvain CALADOR (https://akretion.com)


Odoo Community Association

This module is maintained by the OCA.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

To contribute to this module, please visit http://odoo-community.org.

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Where to find the auth_cryp module ?
on 1/17/19, 8:21 AM

When I tried to install it on Odoo 12. A message asked me to install its dependency: auth_crypt. Outside, I do not know where to find it.

How to debounce ?
on 1/17/19, 7:56 AM

They may be that an honest user has several times wrong password and gets stuck. How to remove his IP address from the blacklist?

No Version 9 support?
Guenter Selbert
on 5/9/16, 8:58 AM

Why did you removed this module completely in branch 9 on github?