Mass Import Customer Images

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Technical name mass_import_customer_image
Technical name mass_import_customer_image


Imports a large amount of customer image files(.jpg)
Designed for migrating images from non odoo databases which maps the filename with a field in a database table e.g. 576.jpg maps to customer with id 576

Mass imports images

1. Zip all the photos you wish to mass import
2. Upload the zip to your server.
3. Go to Sales->Mass Import Customer Photos
4. change the path to where the zip is stored and set mapping field to the field that matches the filename(without extension)
5. View MICP History for any errors that occured during the import process
6. If neccassary reupload images that failed to import after issues have been fixed

Models / Fields

crm.migrate.image.wizard (Wizard to mass import partner images)


Zip File Path (zip_path): The location of the zip file which contains all the images files

Mapping Field (map_field): The field that matches the filename

crm.migrate.image (An instance of a import)


Mapping Field (map_field): The field that matched the file name during the import

Filename (filename): The file path of the zip file with all the images

Imported Images (import_history): List of the images imported

import.image.history (History of the images imported)


Migrate ID (migrate_image_id): The ID of the migrate attempt

Filename (filename): The file name of the image file

State (state): Success or failure if the image imported

Note (note): Information on why the import failed

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