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REST API/OpenAPI/Swagger

Secure tool for convenient integrations

Version: v8.

Tested and maintained by
IT Projects Labs
Assitance: help@itpp.dev

Best API accessories for every integration step:
  • Grant exact access rights needed for an integration
  • Load generated OpenAPI Specification into Postman, Swagger Editor or any other tools that supports it
  • Monitor API requests/responses at desired level of details

Easy to use in any programming languages

# https://github.com/Yelp/bravado
from bravado.requests_client import RequestsClient
from bravado.client import SwaggerClient
http_client = RequestsClient()
http_client.set_basic_auth('yourdomain.example.com', 'DATABASE-NAME', 'USER-TOKEN')
odoo = SwaggerClient.from_url(
result = odoo.res_partner.callMethodForResPartnerModel(
        'args': [[('email', '=', 'sync@it-projects.info')]]
partner_id = result and result[0]
if not partner_id:
    result = odoo.res_partner.addResPartner(body={
        "name": "OpenAPI Support",
        "email": "sync@it-projects.info"
    partner_id = result.id
    "kwargs": {
      "body": "The Openapi module works in Python! Thank you!",
      "partner_ids": [partner_id]
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"API" sounds too technical?
You may send this page to your IT guys to evaluate the possibilities or just tell us your concerns: help@itpp.dev

REST API/Openapi/Swagger


  • Install this module in a usual way

  • Add openapi to --load parameter, e.g.:

    ./odoo-bin --workers=2 --load openapi,web --config=/path/to/odoo.conf


Activating and customization

  • Open menu [[ OpenAPI ]] >> OpenAPI >> Integrations

  • Click [Create]

  • Specify Name for integration, e.g. test

  • Set Log requests to Full

  • Set Log responses to Full

  • In Accessable models tab click Add an item

    • Set Model, for example res.users

    • Configure allowed operations

      • [x] Create via API

        • Set Creation Context Presets, for example
          • Name: brussels
          • Context: {'default_tz':'Europe/Brussels', 'default_lang':'fr_BE'}
      • [x] Read via API

        • Set Read One Fields -- fields to return on reading one record

        • Set Read Many Fields -- fields to return on reading multiple records

          Note: you can use Export widget in corresponding Model to create Fields list. To do that:

          • Open menu for the Model
          • Switch to list view
          • Select any record
          • click [Action] -> Export
          • Set Export Type to Export all Data
          • Add the fields you need to right column
          • Click Save fields list, choose name and save the list
          • Now the list is availab to set Read One Fields, Read Many Fields settings
      • [x] Update via API

      • [x] Delete via API

  • Click [Save]

  • Copy Specification Link to use it in any system that support OpenAPI


  • Activate Developer Mode
  • Open menu [[ Settings ]] >> Users >> Users
  • Select a user that will be used for iteracting over API
  • In Allowed Integration select some integrations
  • Copy OpenAPI Token to use it in any system that support OpenAPI


As the simplest example, you can try API in Swagger Editor. It allows to review and check API

  • Open http://editor.swagger.io/
  • Click menu File >> Import File
  • Set Specification link
  • RESULT: Specification is parsed succefully and you can see API presentation
  • Click [Authorize] button
    • Username -- set database name
    • Password -- set OpenAPI Token

For more examples visit https://itpp.dev/sync website

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dont work
Kit Nilsen
on 4/28/21, 10:10 AM

Re: dont work
Elizaryev Ivan Nikolaevich
on 4/29/21, 9:10 AM Author


I'm sad that you're facing difficulties with our module, are you using it in Odoo 8.0?

This module with a high entry bar and requires technical skills, we tested it on the v8.0 of the Odoo and everything worked.

Can you please write to our support address with a more detailed description of what exactly does not work for you? help@itpp.dev

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