Point Of Sale - Store Draft Orders

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Technical name pos_store_draft_order
Required Apps Point of Sale (point_of_sale)
Sales Management (sale)
Online Billing (account_voucher)
eInvoicing (account)
Warehouse Management (stock)
License: AGPL-3

Point Of Sale - Store Draft Orders

Allow to close a Session even if there are some PoS Orders in draft state.

By default, in Odoo, All PoS Orders must be in 'paid' or 'invoiced' state to allow user to close the session.

This module can be usefull to let Orders in draft 'state' for some customers.


  1. New computed field 'is_partial_paid' on PoS Order
  • This field is True, if the PoS order is in a draft state with some payments;
  • Forbid to close a session if there is a partial paid Order, to avoid to have Account Move Lines that can not be reconciled;
  • In the tree view, the partial_paid orders are displayed in red colors;
Blue, red and black orders depending of payments.
  1. Possibility to close session
  • if a PoS order is in a 'draft' state (without any payment), the PoS Order will be unassociated to the current session, when closing the session;
  • When opening a new session, the PoS Orders in 'draft' state will be associated to the new session, based on the user_id;


  • The PoS order 'Main/0004' is in draft state, before closing the session
  • The PoS order is unassociated of the closed session 'POS/2015/09/05/01'
  • The PoS order is associated to the new opened session 'POS/2015/09/05/02'


This module will allow users to let orders in a draft state, only for orders created in back-office. If you want the same feature for the front-office PoS, please install both modules : 'pos_store_draft_order' and 'pos_order_load'.


  • A new field 'allow_store_draft_order' is available in PoS Config Model, to allow or block the cashier to let Orders in a draft state when closing session;


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