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Technical name product_price_factor
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Technical name product_price_factor
Read description for v 12.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 9.0

Product price multiplier

Variate your product prices with multiplier

This module was designed for our Saas portal sale module to customize SaaS prices. The task was to manage prices with regards of the maximum number of users attribute along with the subscription period attribute. Price should be first increased according to subscription period and then the result should be multiplied according to maximum number of users. Odoo product.product model by itself has no ability to multiply prices depending on product variants. There is only addition implemented. So this module gives this ability. It can be used also in cases where some percents should be applied coherently on a price.


First of all enter in debug mode and mark "Manage product variants" checkbox in your user settings.

Then open the Variants tab of your Product and create attributes with values. Important thing here is the order of attributes. When price is calculated the first attribute is processed first. The second attribute calculation takes the previous step result and adds and multiplies on it and so on. You can reorder the attributes by drag&drop them in form's edit mode. Move your mouse pointer on the column between the "Attribute" and "Attribute values" columns then grab and position the line as needed.

Then you will see "Variant Prices" button. Press it.

You got to fill this table according to your needs. Consider attribute's price factor value as a multiplier. It can be any number except zero. By example: we sale SaaS Service with one month subscription period and 3 users maximum. This variant of product should cost 10$. Base price for this product also 10$. We have there 1.0 price factor and 0.0 price extra for each of our two attributes. After 0.0 addition and multiplication by 1.0 the price obviously should stay the same. So this is base variant of product. Further we want to multiply our price by 2 for the same product with 6 users maximum variant. For this case we leave the same values for monthly subscription and place 2.0 in the price factor field of Number of users attribute value 6. And so on.

Create new sale order and add items like on the screenshot below. Here you can see how attributes affect the price. For example the price of the Quarter Subscription variant of service with 6 users limit is calculated like this: (10+18)*2=56. I.e. basic price plus Subscription period variant extra price multiplied on price factor 2.0 assigned for 6 users.

If you using e-commerce (shop) module you also may install product_price_factor_online module to see new product options in yours web store.

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