Libreoffice Owncloud Integration



v 8.0 v 9.0 Third Party 1
Required Apps CRM (crm)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name dms
Also available in version v 8.0
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Required Apps CRM (crm)
Included Dependencies
Technical Name dms
Also available in version v 8.0

Libreoffice Integration

User Experience

Application allows users to edit a libreoffice document, or create one or multiple new ones from within Odoo. All documents are stored in Owncloud/Nextcloud. A demonstration of this application can be viewed at:

Define connection properties to an Owncloud server

The Administrator can define the Owncloud server connection properties.

Connection properties for individual users

Individual users can be given their own Owncloud login, assigned to an appropriate Owncloud access group, which they can enter into their Odoo user preferences.

List or create documents in Owncloud.

Create/Edit Document opptions are available from Contacts, Customer, Employee, Project etc to create or edit documents stored in an Owncloud server. These documents will be automatically displayed on the users machine via Libreoffice.

List contents of Owncloud directory

A selection list of files in Owncloud for the current employee, contact etc are displayed in Odoo. The file permissions and ownership are maintained on the owncloud server and is respected by this application.

Create Document(s)

One or more documents can be generated at the same time from a chosen Libreoffice template. All documents created will inherit the rights/permissions of the template they are generated from. Generated documents will be displayed automatically on the user's machine via Libreoffice, for further editing as required.

Edit Owncloud Document

When a document is selected for edit, the document is displayed via Libreoffice on the user's machine. On save, the document is stored in Owncloud.

Free Help and Support

Free help and support will be provided for this product. We may be contacted at: demonstration of the functionality of this product can be viewed at:

We are able to install the Odoo application or customise Odoo modules as required. For more information, please email us at

Help & Support

Help & Support

Odoo Libreoffice Integration Documentation



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