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Technical name image_header_footer
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Technical name image_header_footer
Read description for v 13.0 v 12.0 v 11.0 v 10.0 v 8.0

Customize the header and footer of each of your reports

You can customize an image of the header and footer for each report you make within your company.

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Within the next module you can configure a header image and a footer for each of the reports of your organization quickly and easily, these images can be configured in a view designed for that purpose and so You can customize each report (internal or external).


Be able to perform a personalization with an image for both the header and the footer of each report.

Organize headers and footers quickly and easily.

Give a better presentation to any of your organization's reports with a header and a footer designed by yourself.

Versatility in being able to place only the header and footer in each report.

If you have a multi-company, the model is also suitable.

If you do not customize the report, it is left with the original Odoo configuration.


Place images that measure 1544 megapixels in width and 236 megapixels in width, to have a better image quality and not distort or distort it.

Use appropriate images to take advantage of the header and footer.

In this link you can create your own designs in a professional manner. Canva

How to use?

1- Once you have installed the module in the Configuration menu, there will be a menu called header and footer after the company.

2- Once you press the Header and Footer menu, this will show you the option to Create a record.

3- Select the company, the name of the report and the header and footer image for your report.

4- You can also press the Example Report Header and Footer button and it will show you a reference image of how the header and footer of your report would look like.

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