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Technical Name label
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This module provides functionality of mass label printing.

Label Configuration

As you can see in the image which is displayed below you will have list of famous stationary vendors. once you click on any of them you will have list of demo data for the label printing

Now when you click on any off the above given stationary vendors, you will have list of demo data which are nothing but a type of various types of label.

Label Printing

Label print

In this screen you will be able see the details like name of label, object of the model will be selected for the printing of that particular label and reset of the information shall be selected which type of name and fields you would like to display on the label. You can also maintain the sequence of each selected fields. Now if you go onto Advance tab, you will have one sidebar button, which would add the particular action on the product and with the help of it you will be able to print the label by going into products - more - there you would have the option of printing the label

In order to add items for the lable printing menu we must have to fill some necessary details which are mentioned in this given below wizard like sequence on what sequence you would like to keep the fields on label, type will have three option Normal, Image and Barcode user have select as per the requirement, whether you want to display lable or not while printing the module, if user want to display information on new line or not, would allow user to select the postion of label on which position user want's to print the label. Font size would represent the size of font user want to display. Fields would allow user to select fields they want to display on the label.

Label In Sidebar

once the sidebar button / action is added you will be able to see the label print option in the more which we have highlited. once you click on it you will have one wizard

Print Report

once you click on the print label you would have this wizard in which we have to fill up the necessary informations such as Brand name, Label size you would like to print, number of copy, hight -width and barcode hight-width related information will be selected here.

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on 2/16/17, 9:13 AM

I'm using the "mass label reporting" module - odoo v8. The module works ok. When printing labels is not displayed barcode in pdf file. Other fields (image and characters are ok) I have to install additional components?

It's not working.
on 10/17/16, 10:45 AM

This module is not working at all. Shows server errors when installing. Please test before publishing.

Not working!!!
on 8/26/16, 3:13 AM

In Odoo 8: there is no issue in installing but barcode don't get generated and font size don't work either. In Odoo 9 it give a server error report while installing. Looking forward to an answer on how to fix it. thnx