Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking

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v 9.0 v 10.0 v 11.0 Third Party 36
Required Apps Inventory Management (stock)
Technical Name stock_picking_barcode
Also available in version v 10.0 v 11.0
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Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking

The module allow you to process Pickings by barcode scanner via special page /barcode/web (the same as it was in odoo 8.0)

Version: v9.

Tested and maintained by
IT Projects Labs

Click on Barcode Icon.

Scan a product barcode — quantity is increased.

It also works if you track your products by lots. E.g. if you have a product with lot "123456" and then scan it, the quantity will be increased (it works if you change a product lot from barcode interface too).

Moreover, you will be able to scan products, which are not displayed in /barcode/web. The latter will be added to the interface line automatically.

The module works for all Operation Types (Receipts, Internal Transfers, Delivery Orders, etc).

Barcode scanner support for Stock Picking


  • Open barcode scanning page
    • either click barcode icon at Inventory / Dashboard menu
    • or select some Stock Picking and click barcode icon there
  • Scan product barcode;
  • Quantity of scanned product is increased;

Prevents creating extra move

  • Open [[Inventory]] >> Configuration >> Settings menu
  • Activate Prevents creating extra move option
  • Go to barcode scanning page
  • Set Scanned qty greater than ToDo qty
  • Click Create backorder

RESULT: extra move for excessed qty is not created

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