Extended tours

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Technical name web_tour_extra
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Extended tours

Extra features for tours:

  • Fixes issue with running Tour in specific backend page. For example, without this module it's impossible to start Tour from /web#id=3&view_type=form&model=res.partner, the hash will be cleaned and Tour begins from /web# page.

    • to use it in ir.action.todo add something to url instead of using simple /web# url, because page has to be reloded, e.g.:

      <record id="res_partner_mails_count_tutorial" model="ir.actions.act_url">
          <field name="name">res_partner_mails_count Tutorial</field>
          <field name="url" eval="'/web?res_partner_mails_count=tutorial#id='+str(ref('base.partner_root'))+'&amp;view_type=form&amp;model=res.partner&amp;/#tutorial_extra.mails_count_tour=true'"/>

      if you are developer, don't forget to change url /web?res_partner_mails_count=tutorial#... back to /web#... whenever you want to relaunch the Tour (usually by uninstalling and installing your module).

  • fix ignoring step's title if there is title in step's element

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