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Stock on Hand show on Material Requisition

Product/Material Requisitions Stock Availibility
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
118.00 €

This module allow your employees/users to reason for items to be scrapped and get reporting insight

Product/Material Scrap Type
5.00 €

Add Product Picking Notes to Manufacturing Production Order Report (vcloud9)

Production Order Picking Notes
466.18 €

Calculate Finished Product Cost Based on all Bill of Material.and Customized To Be Cosume Raw Material Detail and also show On Hand Qty of that Raw Material

Production Report and Finished Product Cost
Vraja Technologies
18.00 €

Using this module you can add extra fields in your shop.

Products Custom Fields - Website Sale
Softhealer Technologies
30.00 €

Measure profit margin on each invoice made for customer.

Profit Margin in invoice
Har Technologies
20.00 €

This apps helps to send Pro-Forma Invoice Followup on sales order

Proforma invoice reminder in Odoo
99.00 €
Project Analytic Second Axis
          74 | 0

This module useful to add category to project and task.

Project Category
Softhealer Technologies
20.00 €

Project Dashboard For Project Managers

Project Dashboard
Ananthu Krishna
17.00 €

Project Dashboard Project Advance Dashboard Project Automated Dashboard Project Tile Dashboard Tiles of Deadline Task Tiles of Task to Start Tiles of My Task Tiles of My Project

Project Dashboard
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
100.00 €

Project Default Stages on New Projects.

Project Default Stage
Jothimani R
20.00 €

Module to print all project details on pdf. Project report project task details report project timesheet report project progress report project scheduling report project status report project budgeting

Project Detail Report Project report
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
6.00 €
Project Extension
Radmas Technologies S.L.
          87 | 0

Project Gantt

Project Gantt
Speed Light Solutions
120.00 €

This plugin helps to manage Job Costing Dashboard

Project Job Costing Dashboard in Odoo
106.00 €
Project Management
Jordi Ballester (Eficent)
          92 | 0
Project Management
Jordi Ballester (Eficent)
          61 | 0
Project Management with Stages
Odoo IT now
15.00 €

Manage Project Member Planning with great overviews

Project Member Planning
brain-tec AG
29.00 €