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POS Reorder, Reprint

POS Partial Payment with Reorder, Reprint order
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Cancel sales Order app is helpful plugin to cancel processed sale order. Cancellation of sale order includes operations like cancel Invoice, Cancel Delivery Order, Cancel paid Invoice, Unreconcile Payment, Cancel processed delivery order/ cancel processed picking.

Cancel Sale Order
Craftsync Technologies
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The tool for private communication without interrupting followers

Private Thread
Odoo Tools
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This Module Allow us to Split Manufacturing Order Based on Number of Split.Split Mo in Equal Part

Split Manufacturing Order
Vraja Technologies
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This module allows user to purchase giftcard,use giftcard and also recharge giftcard.

POS Gift Card
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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This module useful to show category page for shop. Are you running the store with a large catalog of products? Wanna bring store usability to a new high level? This module is useful to show the category page for the shop. It provides easy catalog images to make the display of categories list more presentable. Grab user's attention on your store page, providing them with the immediate loadable categories listing. The default odoo category bar in the shop doesn't provide a user-friendly way to browse catalogs. Our extension allows you to use better navigation displaying all categories list on the category page. Our module is also useful to show the category name heading in the category page. Easy for customer to navigate different category. Shop Category page, Category page, E-commerce Category page, Odoo Category Page, Website Category page, Shop Catalog page, Catalog page, E-commerce Catalog page, Odoo Catalog Page, Website Catalog page

Website Category Page
Softhealer Technologies
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Add Start, Stop and Pause buttons in Kanban and Form view with the preservation of working time in the timesheets

Project Task Start Stop and Pause
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apps helps to Allow and Disable POS Features like Payment, Qty, Discount, Edit Price, Remove Orderline pos feature POS Features and Limitations pos Disable pos enabled features pos limitation pos allow features pos user limitation point of sales limit

Allow/Disable POS Features in Odoo
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Send mails from Odoo using your own mail.

Mail SMTP Server Per User
Odoo IT now
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Apps help to make single payment for multiple invoices multi invoice payment multiple bill payment mass bill payment mass invoice payment multiple invoices payment single payment from multiple invoice pay all bill at once single payment for invoice

Multiple Invoice Payment and Credit Notes(Customer/Supplier) Payment in odoo
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Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies and to comply with the EU cookie law regulations. This plugin uses implied consent, adding a subtle banner to your website either in the header or footer so you can show your compliance status regarding the new EU Cookie Law. You can customize the style so it fits in with your existing website- change the position on the page. Cookie Notice Odoo Provide Cookie Notice For Visitor, Display Website Cookie Notice, Website EU Law Cookie Notice, Show Website Cookie Notice Odoo. Cookie Notice App, EU Law Cookie Notice Module,Show Cookie Notice Odoo.

Cookie Notice
Softhealer Technologies
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Added CheckList And CheckList Related Features Into Project Project Task SubTask Checklist Project Task SubTask Project Task Checklist Project SubTask Task Project SubTask Checklist Task Project SubTask Project Checklist Task Project Checklist SubTask Task Project Checklist Task SubTask Project SubTask Task Checklist SubTask Project Task Project Checklist CRM Check List and Approval Process Project Checklist Employee Entry Exit Checklist Checklist for Lead and Opportunity crm_checklist Sale Order Approval Check Lists construction project construction checklist generate barcode product auto Restrict Read Only User Hide Any Menu Restrict User Menus multi level approve three level approve Tripple Approve Purchase Tripple Approval Project Checklist Task Checklist website document attachment product attachment

Project Task SubTask Checklist
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odoo Apps will help to Salesperson can see own Customer & create thair Sale Orders.

Salesperson Own Customer & Sale Orders
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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This module used to Cancel Incoming and Outgoing Shipment/picking

Stock Picking Cancel
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Add checklist in tasks

Project Task Checklist for Tasks
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Print Dynamic Product Barcode Labels Template Purchase Order Picking Print Dynamic Barcode Labels Dynamic Product Labels dynamic label Odoo Barcode Labels Dynamic Product Label Print Dynamic Barcode Product Label Print dynamic label dynamic product label Barcode Label product barcode label dynamic product barcode dynamic barcode

Print Dynamic Product Barcode Labels For Product, Template, Purchase Order, Picking
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This plugins helps to generate automatic product sku based on configuration settings.

Auto Generate Product Code(Sku/Internal Reference)
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Do you want to export a report based on your own structure(requirements)? Do you want to make an export for any model(object) of odoo? Do you want to select your own fields for export output? Do you want to export your own custom template? So here you are! We have made a fantastic tool to export data with your own data format and without any technical skill, You just need to select models and fields and that's it. You can export any type of model(object) and related fields of the model using "Dynamic Action". You can also export some special odoo fields like one2many, many2many, many2one very easily. Cheers! All in one dynamic global export Base Odoo Generate Dynamic Excel Report Module, Make Global XLS Report, Export Data In CSV, Export Data In TXT, Make Custom Template In Text, Create Custom Template In XML, Export Selected Data In DOC, Export Important Data In XLS Odoo Dynamic Excel Report Module, Global XLS Report, Export DOC Data, Export XML Data, Excel Custom Template App, Custom Template In TXT, Export Selected Data Text, XLS Export Important Data,Export CSV, DOC Export, Output In CSV, XML Export, Export TXT, Export Own Fields, XLSX Export, Export XML Odoo

Dynamic global export base
Softhealer Technologies
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MRP - MAnufacture - Gantt

Gantt Native view for MRP - Manufacture
Viktor Vorobjov
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Add gantt view for Project Tasks

Gantt view for Project
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