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Product Minimum Price Product Maximum Price set minimum price of product set maximum price of product selling price rule highest selling price of product minimum selling price of product minimum sale price product maximum sale price set min sale prices

Set Minimum and Maximum Price on Product
Edge Technologies

Helpdesk ticket number on timesheet

Helpdesk Ticket Number on Timesheet
manaTec GmbH

Openpay Payment Gateway Openpay Payment Acquirer Openpay Payment Online Payment Alipay Alipay QR QR code payment QR payment Visa Card Master Card American Express Card Carnet Card Benamex Santander HSBC Scotiabank Inbursa IXE BBVA

Openpay Payment Gateway
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Change customer in confirm sales order change customer in sales update customer in confirm sale order update customer in sale order update customer in invoice change customer in invoice update confirm sales order update customer in SO update sale customer

Change/Update Customer in Sales/Invoice/Payment/Journal Entries
Edge Technologies

MRP Force Date in Manufacturing backdate in production force date in mrp backdate in Manufacturing order force date production process force date apply backdate in Manufacturing back date process on mrp backdate process in MO force date MO backdated MRP

Manufacturing Force Date
Edge Technologies

Salesperson Expense Wallet HR Expense Wallet For Employee wallet employee expense wallet management for employee sales person expense wallet account expense wallet management for expense management bill wallet expense bill wallet sales wallet expense bill

Employee Expense Wallet
Edge Technologies

Records bulk search on any page/model.

Bulk Search with comma separated
Silent Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Remove product internal reference from purchase order line hide code from purchase description remove code from purchase order lines description hide product code from purchase order line hide product code from PO Line description remove product code PO

Remove Internal Reference from Purchase Order Line Odoo App
Edge Technologies

Change Vendor in confirm purchase order change vendor in purchase update vendor in confirm purchase update vendor in purchase order update vendor in bill change vendor in bill change vendor in confirmed bill update confirm purchase order update vendor PO

Update Vendor for Purchase/Bill/Payment/Journal Entries Odoo App
Edge Technologies

HR Leave Monthly Limitation employee leave limitation monthly leave limitation hr leave limitation employee holiday limitation hr holiday monthly limitation employee leave request limitation employee leave limits hr leave monthly limitation monthly leave

HR Employee Leave Monthly Limitation
Edge Technologies

Select multiple products and create quotations/orders. Create and open new quotations. Multiple quotation line by entering number of rows we want. Create multiple quotations with just a single click. Create and confirm quotations with a single click.

Quick Quotation/Sale Order From Products
Botspot Infoware Pvt. Ltd.

Stock Access control warehouse access control stock access rules warehouse access rules Stock Location Restrictions Warehouse Location Restrictions Inventory Location Restrictions Inventory access control inventory access rules on stock location restrict

Stock Location Restrictions and Access Controls App
Edge Technologies

Payment Date on Invoice Tree view Payment date info on invoice tree view payment info on invoice tree view payment invoice tree view payment date in invoice list view payment date on invoice list view payment in invoice tree payment details on invoice list

Payments Details on Invoice List View
Edge Technologies

Sorting all E-commerce products by their stock. Example: Less available products stocks are displayed in the last.

Website Product Sorting by stock
Botspot Infoware Pvt. Ltd.

Set a day and time that will be applied the pricelist rule. The rule will be ignore if the day time do not match

Advance Pricelist Rule
Sonny Huynh

Odoo Email Attachments send attachment with email send by email attachment option auto attach document on send by email option attach document on email document attachments

Odoo Email Attachment App
Edge Technologies

Manufacturing order cancel Manufacturing reset to draft Manufacturing order cancel mrp cancel mrp reset to draft mrp order cancel order cancel and reset to draft manufacturing production order cancel production order Cancel MO cancel and reset to Draft MO

Cancel Manufacturing Order | Cancel MRP Order
Edge Technologies

Partner Account Statement Customer Overdue statement customer statements vendor statements account statements account balance statement account customer statement account vendor statement account overdue statement billing statement invoicing statements

Customer Statement | Account Statement | Customer Account Statement
Edge Technologies

odoo app export Employee Images as Zip File, employee images, export employee image, employee image zip, export employee image, employee images zip, multiple employee images, download employee image

Download Employee Images as Zip - Export images zip
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

odoo app will manage Employee Training, employee training, employee training workflow, employee training reports, training , training management, employee training course, training history, employee training schedule, training notification

Employee Training Management, Employee Training process
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd