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Payment Provider: Paytrail Payment Gateway Tokenization Payment Subscription Payment Auto Payment Automatic Payment Save Cards Online Payment E-commerce Payment Invoice Payment Debit Card Payment Credit Card Payment Bank Transfer creditcard amex Visa | Mastercard | American Express nordea handelsbanken pop | POP Pankki saastopankki | Säästöpankki omasp aktia spankki | S-Pankki danske Walley/Collector Walley/Collector B2B osuuspankki | OP pivo mobilepay siirto oplasku | OP Lasku jousto alandsbanken | Ålandsbanken

Paytrail Payment Provider
Mentis Consultancy Services

Apply PDC Payment, Generate PDC Payment Entries and Journal Entries With PDC Account, Filter Payment by Status and Customers.

Post Dated Cheque Management(PDC) Odoo
Edge Technologies

Nomenclature des Activités Économique CNRC

Code d'activité commercial - Algérie

Terrabit delivery staff

Terrabit delivery staff
Terrabit , Dan Stoica

Tally Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report

Accounting Report XLSX
Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Advanced TreeView with Columns
NEWAY Solutions

Mass Reassign Customers and Opportunities for Salesperson.

GoExcel Mass Reassign Salesperson
Excelroot Technology Sdn Bhd

Bill payment status in purchase form view as well as tree view.

Bill Payment Status In Purchase
Odoo Sphere Solutions

Invoice payment status in sales form view as well as tree view.

Invoice Status In Sales
Odoo Sphere Solutions

Odoo business API REST. Integrate your applications, explore your data, light up your business

Sixphere API REST
Sixphere Technologies

Jewellery Loan Management

Jewellery Loan Management
Cozy Business Solution Pvt.Ltd.

Viva Wallet Bank Statement Import

Viva Wallet Bank Statement Import

Project Construction Management Job Contracting Construction Project Odoo Construction Budget Construction Planning Project Budget Job Costing Project Costing Construction Costing Real Estate Purchase Requisition Construction Job Order Project Estimation

Job Costing and Job Contracting Construction Odoo App
Edge Technologies
PoS Kiosk Checkout

In Billing control policy by vendor you can enable options for pre or post Invoicing/billing by Vendor. So you can control billing options for different vendors.

Billing Control Policy By Vendor
Silent Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Module helps to add seconds interval in Run Scheduler.

Cron Job Per Second
Odoo Sphere Solutions

Sales Commission Based on Target Sale Commission for sales order invoice based commission for sale order commission for partner Sales Agent commission baed on target sales commission for partner sale commission based on target based sale commission target

Sale Target & Commissions

Action to Cancel Multiple Sales Order and Purchase Order

Cancel Multiple Sales Order,Purchase Order Action
Techerp Solutions

ST Meet video conferences in Odoo

Odoo Video Conferencing / Call
Surekha Technologies Pvt Ltd

Payment Acquirer: Cash on Delivery Implementation

Cash on Delivery Payment for Website
Surekha Technologies