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The tool to combine different Odoo events in a few configurable super calendars. Shared calendars. Common calendars. Single calendars. Shared views. Dynamic calendars. Single view. Custom calendars. Dynamic views. Single calendar. Synced calendars. Merged calendars

Joint Calendar
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Task and meeting sync calender Task and Calendar Meeting Synchronization Calendar Meeting Synchronization joint Synchronization calendar Joint Calendar Common Calendar for tasks and meetings one calendar for meeting tasks single calendar for tasks meeting

Calendar Synchronization For Tasks and Meetings
Edge Technologies

The extension to the Joint Calendar app to merge different Odoo document types on a single Enterprise Gantt view

Joint Calendar: Gantt

Multiple Calendar Date Picker multiple date picker widget multi calendar view in odoo odoo joint calendar multiple calendar app datepicker multiple date section date picker widget multi date select calendar odoo calendar joint calendar different type of calendar in odoo odoo calendar view manage multi calendar in odoo calendar module in odoo odoo calendar joint calendar setup multiple calendar in odoo multiple calendars multi date picker multi select date picker multiple dates in date picker Nepali Calendar Islamic Calendar Julian Calendar Mayan Calendar Gregorian Calendar Taiwan Calendar Thai Calendar Umm al-Qura Calendar Hebrew Calendar Ethiopian Calendar Coptic Calendar Persian Calendar

Multiple Calendar Date Picker
Kanak Infosystems LLP.