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Risk Management

The cash Forecast solution calculates and allows end users to know the available cash in the upcoming future considering the Opening balance, all cash receipts, and all cash expenditures. cash forecasting, cash flow forecasting, cash in, cash out, expense, forecast budget, liquidity risk management, cash needs, inflow, outflow, payment, in payment, out payment, chart of accounts, forecast finance, forecast cash flow, net income, depreciation, inventory, receivable, payable, fixed asset, opening balance, closing balance, income, expenses, net forecast, total cash in, total cash out, opening forecast, closing forecast, recurring forecast, real forecast, cash forecast analysis, treasure, cash analytic, advance cash planning, cash capital, cashin, cashout, treasury analysis, cashflow management, cash flow management, budget forecast, cash and budget forecast, budget and cash, budget management, budgert analysis, rma analysis,

Cash & Budget Forecasting
Setu Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Project Task Risk Management Odoo

Project Task Risk Management Odoo
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

This app allow your project team to have risk management application in Odoo for Construction and Contracting Projects.

Risk Management for Construction and Contracting Projects
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

This app allow your project team to have risk management application in Odoo.

Risk Management for Project and Tasks
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

In order to check the financial stability, obtain credits, and invest in the growth of a Business, tracking and analyzing payment regularities both from customers and to vendors becomes mandatory. receivable, payable, receivable turnover, payable turnover, turnover ratio, liquidity risk management, receivable, payable, income, expenses, customer payament,vendor payment, credit, debit, receive payment, pending bill, regular payment, smooth cash flow, forecast budget, business growth, segment customer, credit limit, account receivable, account payable, account ratio, receivable report, payable report, receivable payable report

Account Receivable / Payable Turnover Ratio
Setu Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

App for project risk management for project tasks risk management for tasks prioritization of risks management app project task risk management application risk management activities for task risk management activities for project.

Project and Task Risk Management
Edge Technologies

Risk Management

Risk Management
Cyder Solutions