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Treasury and Cash Flow Management
Giacomo Grasso - giacomo.grasso.82@gmail.com Gabriele Baldessari - gabriele.baldessari@gmail.com
Microsoft Azure - Odoo SSO Integration
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Manage your Shopify Stores from Odoo, Also automated various process like order, product inventory level

Odoo Shopify Connector
Egregious Solutions

This module allow to upload local video and play it on E-learning Odoo Website also you can upload Scorm File(like Zip File) and show that on Odoo Website..

Play E-learning Local Video & SCORM

Single sign on with microsoft SSO microsoft Office 365 login with odoo office 365 sso odoo microsoft integration office 365 calendar and contact synchronization office 365 synchronization office 365

ODOO - Office365 Calendar Integration
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

This Application provides functionality for the portal user to allow create new leave request as per his/her leave balance, can update Time Off and also able to see leave status and summary. No need to give user access at backend side. Allow portal users to manage their leaves directly in the website. portal leave leaves holiday holidays human resource hr user Portal User Leaves Management portal portal leave portal leaves leave portal leaves portal poratl holiday holiday portal dayoff portal day off portal Portal user timesheet portal user leave leave management leave holiday holiday leave portal user holiday portal user leave request website leave portal employee employee holiday employee holiday management employee leave leave status leave summary report website leave summary leaves search overtime portal user overtime enterprise community sh website task Logs hr_timesheet Project Employees portal employees search functionality timesheets by Project timesheets by Task timesheets by Employees timesheets by date timesheet by Project timesheet by Task timesheet by Employees timesheet by date field work activities project manager Filter timesheet portal user rights user assignation website portal create new timesheet edit date edit duration edit project edit task delete timesheets delete timesheet groupby task groupby employees groupby project timesheet record create new leave request create leave request update leaves leave summary create leaves edit leaves delete leaves create leave edit leave delete leave reset leaves summarize leaves filter leaves internal user portal user reduce odoo licence leave allocation manage timezone leave management from website leave summary from website double approval leave manager groupby leaves compensation message history communication history

Portal Leaves Management
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Microsoft office365 SSO OAuth2

Microsoft Azure SSO OAuth2

So you can make a quotation for many fieldservice tasks and invoice them from only one sales order. A very convenience solution for your customers that have many field service tasks.

Fieldservice from Sale Order
giordano.ch AG

Web Conferencing for Online Meeting and Conference with Google Hangouts. This module also adds feature of connecting Google Hangouts directly from Odoo. Google Hangout google google hangout hangout google chat google calendar calendar meeting google meeting hangout meeting google hangout meeting google contact Google contact synchronization google sync import google google contact export odoo contact google integration google contact integration coordinate data storage exactly same information compatible synchronization gmail Bi-Directional gdrive google document document google docs docs google sheet google word google excel google drive integration drive integration google drive api upload document to google drive download document from google drive share document on google drive upload document from odoo google drive attachment google drive Automatic integration Bilateral sync Sync any documents Sync logs in Odoo Google Developer Console https://console.developers.google.com Enable APIs and Services Web application Odoo synchronization oauth client library

Google Hangouts Connector
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The module shows the list of orders placed in a Odoo POS screen. The user can also view previous orders from one customers in running POS session

POS All Orders List
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

sale order product variant app, purchase order product detail, picking operations information, shipment report product data, website product description, product variant detail module, so line product detail odoo, rfq product variant detail

Product Variant Description
Softhealer Technologies

The module integrates Odoo with Google Tag Manager so you can send the customer behaviour data from Odoo website to Google analytics.

Google Tag Manager
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Dynamic list view to add/remove any field to list view and also can export view

Dynamic List View
Jupical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Application provides functionality of manage multi branches for companies. Multi Branches functionality covered in CRM, Sales, Purchase, Account, Warehouse, Locations and Inventory. Also maintain User and Manager level access rights. Multi Multiple branch Multiple Units Multiple company Multi company Multi branch CRM Sales Purchase Account Warehouse Branch Operation Single company Multiple Company Odoo Multiple Branch Branch Concept Multiple Branch Concept Access Level Access Rights Multi branches company branches branch on crm branch on sales branch on purchase branch on account branch on warehouse branch on location branch on stock operation branch on stock branch to branch transaction stock move stock move branch to branch transfer stock branch to branch stock transfer branch to branch chart of account for branch branch on picking branch on vendor bills inventory adjustment inventory adjustment on branch sales receipt branch wise branch wise sales receipt branch wise purchase receipt branch wise journal entries journal entries branch wise branch wise payment account account journal account journal audit account journal audit report account excel account pdf account audit account audit report account audit excel account audit pdf account journal excel account journal pdf account trial balance account trial balance report Trial balance report trial balance fiscal year trial balance period trial balance comparison account balance comparison account trial balance report excel account trial balance report pdf trial balance report excel trial balance report pdf Analytic Account report Analytic account Analytic report Budget budget report account budget account budget report multi level analytic report multi level analytic account report department budget project budget cost of project cost of department analytic account excel report analytic account pdf report excel report pdf report account excel report account pdf report Open Fiscal year Close Fiscal year Fiscal period Cancel opening entry in fiscal year Cancel closing entry in fiscal year period yearly tax year revenue taxation monetary economy circulate financial year journal entry opening balance closing balance debt profit & loss agent policy imbalance transparency stance effort policies year end new year company audit payment customer customer payment customer payment overdue overdue customer payment customer overdue payment reminder customer overdue payment follow up mail payment reminder mail due days payment due due payment scheduler analysis follow up analysis Accounting & Auditing Terms accounting accounting concepts financial management marginal benefit letter of credit asset buyer amount due due amount demand cash cash on delivery deferred payment duration provision cash flow entrepreneur monitoring sale feedback requirement effectiveness following auditing management contract management payment term

Multi Branches
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Handle the payment process for Sale Orders/Invoices over Point of Sale

POS: Pay SO & Invoices
IT-Projects LLC,Artyom Losev

whatsapp connector whatsapp integration odoo Whatsapp crm Whatsapp lead Whatsapp task Whatsapp sale order Whatsapp purchase order Whatsapp invoice Whatsapp payment reminder Whatsapp pos Whatsapp so Whatsapp point of sale whats app communication

Whatsapp Odoo All In One Integration
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.

Margin calculation on sales and invoice margin analysis report sales margin product margin invoice margin invoice report margin by percentage margin in invoice margin fix amount margin in SO margin in bill margin in vendor bill margin supplier invoice

Margin on Product, Sales, Invoices With Margin Analysis

Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order module, So to PO, Quotation to Request for quotation app odoo

Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order
Softhealer Technologies

HMS Dashboard for users. Separte deashboard detials for doctor, receptionist and admin user so they can get thier related infrmation and statistics from single view

ACS HMS Dashboards
Almighty Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Close session from POS,It manage cash control while closing the session,It also print Z report(end of the session report) and send close session report via email to selected users.

POS Close Session (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.