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Softhealer Technologies

In modern web designing, designers need more space and easiness in pages to capture user’s mind to texts within the pages.As availability of important links of page is very important for the user to be able to go to the intended pages at any moment. So designers use sticky headers for their sites, in this script as well as a fixed header, the user can hide header with beautiful animation by scrolling it and when the user put mouse cursor over it or even scroll one pixel to the top, the header will display again. Sticky Header is the top navigation bar that remains at the top of the page even when a user scrolls the page. This makes navigating to other parts of the site easy. Website Sticky Header Odoo, Web Fixed Header Odoo. Fix Website Header Odoo, Set Header in Website Module, Set Fix Position Of Header, Website Sticky Header Odoo. Fix Header App, Adjust Header Odoo, Set Website Header Module. Website Sticky Header 网站粘页眉 En-tête collant du site Web Website Sticky Header Sito Web Sticky Header Encabezado adhesivo del sitio web Cabeçalho pegajoso do site

Website Sticky Header
Softhealer Technologies
Website Sticky Header
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