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This module is used for Scheduled Activity Whatsapp notification

Whatsapp Activity

manage monthly attendance find employee present weekly attendance with year date wise attendance report sick leave attendance report manage daily attendance management employee attendance management attendance summary report attendance XLS odoo

Employee Attendance Report | Employee Attendance Excel Report
Softhealer Technologies

Make Checklist For HR Recruitment Remember Of Important Things HR Recruitment Checklist HR Checklist HR Recruitment Checklist With Status HR Work Checklist App Employee Orientation Process checklist HR checklist Odoo

HR Recruitment Custom Checklist | HR Custom Checklist
Softhealer Technologies

POS Product Category Slider Point Of Sale Order Product Category Slider Point Of Sale Product Category Slider Product Sub Category Slider POS Sliding Category POS Slider Category Tab Slider Category Image Slider Odoo

POS Category Slider | Point Of Sale Category Slider
Softhealer Technologies

sales delivery note for picking note from sales delivery notes picking description from sales picking note sale transfer note sales transfer note sale shipment note sales shipment notes

Sale Delivery Notes, Product Delivery Notes
Equick ERP

Apply service charges on POS charges pos services charge point of sales service charges pos extra charges pos additional charges pos service tax on pos tax service charges POS service management all on one pos service all service charges on point of sales

All in one POS Service Management

automatic sending pos sales report to managers

automatic sending pos sales report to managers
Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Move Product To Scrap Move Product Variant To Scrap Move Products To Scrap Order Move Product Variants To Scrap Order Transfer Product To Scrap Shift Product To Scrap Manage Scrap Product Management Odoo

Product Move to Scrap | Product Variant Move to Scrap
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Person Currency Change Alert SalePerson Currency Change Alert Sales Person Currency Change Alert SalesPerson Currency Change Alert Sale Person Pricelist Change Alert SalePerson Pricelist Currency Change Alert Currency Change Warning Odoo

Sale Person Currency Alert
Softhealer Technologies

This module sends daily emails to management about Today's sales report

GTS Daily EOD Report by Email | Daily Sales Analysis Report by Email
Geo Technosoft

Odoo Gst E-Invoice Connector easily create E-invoice on one click.

Odoo Gst E-Invoice Connector
Techspawn Solutions

Facility to put back date for Inventory Transactions

Back Dated Stock Picking
Odoo Mates

Multiple Locations Multiple Branches Multiple Stores Multiple Chain Multiple Branch Management Multi Branch app Multiple Unit multiple Operating unit branch Sales Purchase branch Invoicing branch warehouse branch Product Branch Odoo

Product Multiple Branch
Softhealer Technologies

Payment Acquirer: Thawani Payment Gateway Online Payment E-commerce Payment Invoice Payment Debit Card Payment Credit Card Payment Omani rial OMR Oman Payment

Thawani Payment Acquirer
Mentis Consultancy Services

Allow customers to spin the lucky wheel and convert them to leads

Smartarget Lucky Wheel

Auto Generate lot in inventory auto serial number generate serial in inventory automation lot generation auto lot number from Picking create auto lot auto lot creation auto serial auto lot create auto generate lot number from inventory auto serial number

Auto Generate Lot/Serial Number in Inventory

Inventory rotation for product rotation reports inventory rotation report warehouse in out report inventory stock movement report inventory stock movement on screen report product stock Rotation report inventory movement report inventory Coverage reports

Warehouse Stock Rotation Analysis Excel Report

Show stock age report with your customized age period, You can show 0-30/31-60, or 0-7/8-14 anything, what you like age period


Signup User Approval process user account approval process user registration approval user account approve sign up user approve process sign up user approve process user account validation process validate new user register validate new user account

Sign Up User Approval Process

Point of Sale A4 Size Report point of sale A4 size receipt POS Receipt QR code on POS Receipt POS QR code Receipt POS Arabic receipt pos Arabic invoice report pos A4 receipt pos a4 invoice report pos Arabic label receipt print pos Arabic receipt on pos

POS A4 Size Report/POS Arabic Invoice Report