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Mark unstarred email as read, remove filter in 'To-do' folder
IT-Projects LLC
          162 | 1
Menu for widgets at Messaging section
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
          277 | 1

Chatter as history attachments

Message history in chatter emails
BroadTech IT Solutions Pvt Ltd
          78 | 1
Notification Setting
Hoang Phan
70.00 €

Displays amount of incoming and outgoing partner mails.

Partner mails count
IT-Projects LLC , Pavel Romanchenko
79.00 €

Allows you to use one server to send and receive emails for all users.

SMTP/IMAP: Using one server for communication between all users
19.99 €

Open email composer by clicking the butoon 'Send a Message'

Send Message Composer
Odoo Tools
          31 | 1

Recover Odoo 8 functionality to show who was notified right on a message widget

Show Notified Partners
Odoo Tools
          21 | 1

This module adds a Skype field along with a widget to integrate Skype chat window of the contact account while clicking on it.

Skype field for partners
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
9.00 €

Reminder for Unread Message After configured time period.

Unread Message Reminder
Almighty Consulting Services
35.00 €

950+ Emojis, Animated emojis, add your own emojis, Emoji picker dropdown on textbox

Devendra kavthekar
30.00 €

Customer / Vendor / Partner Email and Message Portal

Customer Supplier Email Message Portal
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
109.00 €

Drag & Drop Chat multiple attachments

Drag & Drop Chat Multi Attachments
Crest Infosys
29.00 €

Use single Backend to manage several Websites

Email Addresses and Templates per Website
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
300.00 €

Allows to user can interact with customers via the Live Chat and create a new ticket via chat window

Helpdesk Live Chat
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
100.00 €


IM Chat Extension
Geminate Consultancy Services
29.99 €

Access archive messages

Mail Archive
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
45.90 €

Fix mail templates for multilingual

Mail Template Multilingual Fix
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
9.90 €

Meeting Checklist This module useful to a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

Meeting Checklist
Softhealer Technologies
20.00 €

Meeting Custom Checklist

Meeting Own Checklist
Softhealer Technologies
20.00 €