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Global/local search(indexing) inside attachments, files, content, binary content, images, pictures, photos
Shurshilov Artem

Connect Adobe Sign with ODOO

Odoo Adobe Sign Connector

Box gives you a single platform to accelerate your business processes and increase employee productivity.

Odoo Box Connector

This bundle provide some feature on top of Odoo DMS like Versioning, Security, Folter, Tags etc..

Odoo Document/Attachment Extension Bundle
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

Dropbox is a document management and storage system. Dropbox is a web-based application that integrates with Microsoft Office and it is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.

Odoo Dropbox Connector

Document Management using SharePoint ODOO Connector

Odoo SharePoint Connector

Manage Reports, Manage Report With Header,Manage Report With Footer,Report Custom Header, Report Custom Footer, Document Management,Report Template,Manage Report With Header Footer Odoo

Report Enhancement
Softhealer Technologies

Generate documents from template from all object in Odoo and print to PDF

Report template - generate, approve and print PDF

Add Sequence/Priority for sending signature request one by one to each Signer.

Website Sign Sending By Priority
Nilesh Sheliya

Track in- and outgoing mail

manaTec Postbox
manaTec GmbH