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In the product view, there is now a Smart button that allows you to attach documents to the product.

Product Documents

Import Digital File CSV Import Digital File Excel Import Digital File From XLSX Import Mass Digital Files Import Bulk Digital File Import Digital File Import Digital File From XLS Digital File Import Digital Files Import Digital File sheet Import Digital File From CSV Import Digital File From Excel Import Digital Files Using CSV Import Digital Files Using Excel Odoo Import Files Import CSV Import Excel Import CSV file Import Excel File Import Files odoo Import File

Import Digital Files From CSV | Import Digital Files From Excel
Softhealer Technologies

Show a error message if attachment greater than users maximum attachment size.

Size Restriction for Attachments
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Integration with FTP and SFTP two-way in sheduler.And in real-time one-way. Each operation in odoo with attachments (CRUD) is instantly displayed on a remote FTP and SFTP disk. There are also possible two-way integrations when you work directly in the cloud. FTP and SFTP cloud FTP and SFTP cloud FTP and SFTP drive cloud drive cloud gdrive cloud gdrive FTP and SFTP storage FTP and SFTP store attachments FTP and SFTP attachments files FTP and SFTP files file FTP and SFTP file FTP and SFTP link cloud FTP and SFTP attach FTP and SFTP image FTP and SFTP integration FTP and SFTP integration sync FTP and SFTP sync syncing FTP and SFTP syncing integration FTP and SFTP drive integration sync FTP and SFTP drive sync syncing FTP and SFTP syncing drive FTP and SFTP integration gdrive sync attachment gdrive sync attachments

Attachments cloud FTP and SFTP
EURO ODOO , Shurshilov Artem

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