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Dynamic, customizable and flexible approval workflows. Streamlining and optimizing your approvals and document processing. | dynamic approval module | Odoo approval system | flexible approval routes | document approval workflow | efficient document approvals | customizable approval stages | Odoo document management | multi-level approval process optimization | automated approval routes | dynamic document workflows | multilevel approval route customization | seamless document processing | flexible document routing | dynamic approval stages | Odoo workflow enhancement | approval automation

Dynamic Approval Workflows [Base]

Show Attachment In List View Display Attachments In List View Display Attachment In List View Attachments Show Attachment In Tree View Display Attachments In Tree View Display Attachment In Tree View Show Attachments In Tree View Attachments Preview Attachments From List View Preview Attachments From Tree View Density of list view list view style design list view list view with attachment Show Attachments In List View Odoo Show Attachments In List View in Odoo List View Attachments Preview List View with Attached Files View Attachments in List Show Files in List View Tree View Attachments Preview Tree View with Attached Files View Attachments in Tree Show Files in Tree View

Show Attachments In List View
Softhealer Technologies

In the product view, there is now a Smart button that allows you to attach documents to the product.

Product Documents

Import Digital File CSV Import Digital File Excel Import Digital File From XLSX Import Mass Digital Files Import Bulk Digital File Import Digital File Import Digital File From XLS Digital File Import Digital Files Import Digital File sheet Import Digital File From CSV Import Digital File From Excel Import Digital Files Using CSV Import Digital Files Using Excel Odoo Import Files Import CSV Import Excel Import CSV file Import Excel File Import Files odoo Import File

Import Digital Files From CSV | Import Digital Files From Excel
Softhealer Technologies

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