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This Module Provide To Quick Switch To Other User.

Switch User
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
20.00 €


Test Tools
Hadron for business sp z.o.o.
1000000.00 €
Testing Index
30.00 €

Tipo de Cambio SUNAT

Tipo de Cambio SUNAT, API tipo de cambio SUNAT
130.00 €

Twilio WhatsApp Gateway implementation

Twilio WhatsApp Support
30.00 €

Auto Generate Unique ID for Users and also Search User By Unique ID

Unique ID for User
Kiran Infosoft
4.00 €

User Activity Audit
99.99 €
User Rights for Cancel Journal Enteries
Itech Resources
15.00 €

This module is for Odoo 11 Enterprise

User Rights for Cancel Journal Entries (Enterprise)
Itech Resources
15.00 €
User Rights to Post Journal Entry
itech resources
15.00 €

Menu Hide/Show for User in Odoo

User Wise Menu Access in Odoo
Edge Technologies
5.00 €

User/Groups Crosstab Report

User/Groups Crosstab Report
129.98 €
100.00 €

Authorize in Odoo from social network VK.COM

VK.com authorize
Shurshilov Artem
49.00 €
Vehicle Rent
Spellbound Soft Solutions
200.00 €

Vendor Access Backend Portal

Vendor Access Backend Portal
70.00 €

Connecting to a viber public account

Viber odoo bot
Pechurin Evgen
499.00 €

Base control flow on things like link clicks

Vuente Advanced Marketing Campaign Logic
30.00 €

This module provides countdown functionality for date/datetime fields. web countdown widget countdown timer

Web Countdown Widget
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
25.00 €

Web Google Maps Extension

Web Google Maps Extension
9.99 €