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Connecting to a viber public account

Viber odoo bot
Pechurin Evgen
499.00 €

Base control flow on things like link clicks

Vuente Advanced Marketing Campaign Logic
30.00 €

This module provides countdown functionality for date/datetime fields. web countdown widget countdown timer

Web Countdown Widget
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
25.00 €

Web Google Maps Extension

Web Google Maps Extension
9.99 €

Data on Form View and List View always real-time update if any change on server

Web client - Auto Sync Data from Server
Elephas Software Solutions
35.00 €

With the use of this addon, the user will be able request for the sample product with the minimal amount.

Website Sample Product
The Stella IT Solutions
49.00 €

WhatsApp/Invoice Integration

WhatsApp Invoicing Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs
200.00 €

WhatsApp/Payments Integration

WhatsApp Payments Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs
200.00 €

WhatsApp/Purchase Integration

WhatsApp Purchase Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs
200.00 €

Configurable Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine
419.88 €

X2M Select and Delete Multiple Records in Odoo

X2M Select and Delete Multiple Records
Crest Infosys
15.00 €

This module adds Zip code to the Contacts List in Contacts, Sales, Purchases and more

Zip on Contacts List / Tree View
Piotr Cierkosz
10.00 €
available product transfer
10.00 €
49.99 €
49.99 €