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Advanced Search, List view search,List View Manager, Global search, Quick Search, Listview search, search engine

Odoo Advance Search
Nilesh Sheliya
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Odoo import Data Import All in one import Invoice import Sales import Inventory import Purchase import stock inventory import Picking import Product image import Customer import serial import lot import bank statement import journal entry import payment

Odoo all import for Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory, Pricelist, BOM, Payment, Bank Statement, Journal Entry, Picking, Product, Customer.
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Google Drive Picker upload attachments download file search content search content pdf,image,photo and other attachment gdrive attachment attachments gdrive attachments chatter gdrive chatter record gdrive record from google to odoo files gdrive files file gdrive file attachment google attachments google cloud attachment cloud attachments google integration google intergrations

Google Drive Picker upload attachments
Shurshilov Artem
40 | 5

The tool to combine users in roles and to simplify security group assigning

Security User Roles
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Login as/impersonate another user, Login As, Other Users, Admin Users, Administrator, Super User, Portal User, Portal Hijack

Login as another user
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The technical core to add new fields for Odoo documents without any special knowledge

Custom Fields: Core
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Dynamic List View, Dynamic Tree View, Dynamical Tree View, Custom List View, Custom Tree View,Dynamical List View, List View In Odoo, Tree View, Rename Field Tree View, Hide Fields List View,Change Sequence List View Odoo

Dynamic List View
Softhealer Technologies
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WhatsApp Integration with Odoo

WhatsApp Odoo Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs
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X2M Delete Multiple Records
Nilesh Sheliya
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import image from zip import product image from zip import bulk image from zip import partner image from zip import images from zip file import product images from zip import image by zip import images by zip all images import from zip product image import

All in one import images from zip file
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Utilities functions for base model

Base Extension
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Dynamic Excel Report Module, Global XLS Report, Export DOC Data, Export XML Data app, XLS Export Important Data,Export CSV, DOC Export, Output In CSV, XML Export, Export TXT, Export Own Fields, XLSX Export, Export XML Odoo

Dynamic global export base
Softhealer Technologies
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Whatsapp Integration App, Sale Whatsapp Integration, Purchase Whatsapp, CRM Whatsup, Invoice Whatsapp Integration, Inventory Whatsapp Integration Odoo

Base Whatsapp Integrations
Softhealer Technologies
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A customizable RESTful API for Odoo

MuK REST API for Odoo
199 | 4

Changes user's email and signature to the ones defined in the current company

Multi Company Email / Multi Company Signature
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Secure your Odoo from Intruders with User Login Security

Odoo User Login Security
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
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Advanced Search, List View Search, List View Manager, Global Search, Quick Search, Listview Search, Search Engine, Advance Search, Advance Filter, Field Search, Advance Search Tree

Advance Search
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Microsoft office365 SSO OAuth2

Microsoft Azure SSO OAuth2
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Hide Followers In Sale Order, Remove Sales Followers, Disable account Auto Add Followers, Quotation Invisible Followers Module, Partner Not Add In Follower App, Customer Not Add In Follower, Vendor Not Add In Followers In Bill Odoo

All in One Disable Followers | Sale Order Disable Followers | Purchase Order Disable Followers | Invoice Disable Followers
Softhealer Technologies
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odoo Apps will Export excel view for all application like: Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking, Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application | All in one excel report | export sale order report | export purchase order | export invoice report |export sales order report, dynamic excel

Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report For all Application-xls
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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