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import images from zip odoo, put icons from zip ,pics from zip, from zip import photographs, mass photos app, change pictures module, update image from zip Odoo

Import Images From Zip File
Softhealer Technologies
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Search any data in Odoo. quick and easy. all data search. global search. fast search ever. fast search easy search search quick search search any object global search odoo search all databse search all search search products search invoices search orders search vendors search customers search any data

Odoo Easy Search, global search, quick search
Simple Apps
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The extension to KnowSystem to create custom fields

KnowSystem: Custom Fields
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Odoo 13.0 community backend Category wise Menu Dashboard

Menu Category
Heliconia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Google Drive Picker upload attachments download file search

Google Drive Picker upload attachments
Shurshilov Artem
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Add sequence configuration for journal in odoo 14 same like previous odoo version.

Journal Sequence
Grupo Nahuiik
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Sales Back Order Status Module, Purchase Back Order Count App, SO Back Order Status Application, PO Back Order Status, Quotation Back Order Count, Request For Quotation Back Order Status, Manage Back Order Status, Manage Particular Back Order Odoo

Back order status | Sale Order Back Order Status | Purchase Order Back Order Status
Softhealer Technologies
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Odoo Web Gantt chart view.

Web Gantt View
Almighty Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Route Map of multiple selected partners

Route Map of Partners
Odoo IT now
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barcode product ean13 barcode product auto barcode ean13 barcode Restrict Read Only User Hide Any Menu Restrict User Menus multi level approve three level approve Project Checklist Task Checklist website document attachment product attachment

Auto Generate Product Barcode (EAN13)
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Easy to import odoo data of sale orders through Excel import/CSV import import sale order odoo import sale order import sale order data sale order data sale order import

Import Sale Order Data
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
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Import Product, Customer, Supplier Images From URL, csv, xls file Import Image URL CSV XLS Import Image URL CSV Import Image URL XLS Import Image CSV URL Import Image CSV XLS Import URL Image CSV Import Image XLS URL Import Image XLS CSV Import URL Image XLS Import URL CSV Image Import URL CSV XLS Import CSV Image URL Import CSV Image XLS Import CSV URL Image Import URL XLS CSV Import URL XLS Image Import CSV URL XLS Image Import URL CSV Import XLS Image URL Import CSV XLS Image Import CSV XLS URL Import XLS Image CSV Import XLS URL Image Import XLS URL CSV Image Import XLS Image Import XLS CSV Image Import XLS CSV URL Image Import CSV XLS Image URL Import XLS URL Image CSV Image URL Import XLS Image URL CSV Import XLS CSV Image URL XLS Import URL Image XLS CSV Image XLS Import URL Image URL Image CSV XLS Import CSV XLS Image CSV URL Import XLS Image XLS Import CSV Image XLS URL Import XLS URL CSV XLS CSV URL Import CSV XLS CSV Import XLS CSV URL XLS CSV Import Image CSV URL XLS URL CSV Image CSV URL Import URL Image CSV XLS Image CSV Import CSV URL XLS URL Import Image Import CSV URL CSV Image CSV Import Image URL CSV Image CSV XLS CSV Import URL CSV Image XLS Image Import URL Image Import CSV Import CSV Import XLS CSV XLS Image XLS URL Image XLS Image URL XLS CSV URL XLS Import Image XLS Image CSV XLS URL XLS CSV Import XLS Image XLS CSV Image Import URL Import URL XLS Image URL CSV XLS CSV XLS Import Image Import CSV XLS Import XLS URL Import URL XLS Import CSV XLS URL CSV XLS Import URL XLS Import Image URL Image CSV URL Import

Import Images From URL / CSV / XLS
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Set Any User To ReadOnly User Restrict Read Only User Restrict Read Only Restrict Read User Restrict Only Read Restrict Only User Read Restrict Only Restrict User Read Restrict User Only Read Restrict User Read Only Restrict Only Read User Only Restrict Read Restrict User product tag website product stickers website product tag website product label website product ribbon website ribbon website product tag

Read Only User
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Sales Dashboard Ninja!

Sales Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Limited
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Account Dashboard Ninja!

Account Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Limited
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Add New Field Module, Make Global Dynamic Fields, Create New Field App, Assign Custom Fields Odoo, Update Global Custom Field, Update Global Custom Tab Odoo

Global Custom Fields
Softhealer Technologies
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Odoo import Data Import All in one import Invoice import Sales import Inventory import Purchase import stock inventory import Picking import Product image import Customer import serial import lot import bank statement import journal entry import payment

Odoo all import for Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory, Pricelist, BOM, Payment, Bank Statement, Journal Entry, Picking, Product, Customer.
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Microsoft Azure - Odoo SSO Integration
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
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This app allows you to sync Office 365 Contacts with Odoo contacts and vice-versa.

Office365 Contacts
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
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Leaderboard module offers a clear visual representation of your valuable module data in form of robust cards on a Leaderboard

Leaderboard Ninja
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
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