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Company Multiple Branch Management

Company Multi Branch

Customizable Webhooks for Odoo

MuK Webhooks for Odoo

Dynamic List View

Dynamic Tree View
Geo Technosoft

Provide extra layer of security on desktop side using google time based OTP (TOTP).

Two Factor Authentication
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

WhatsApp Integration with Odoo

WhatsApp Odoo Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs

The tool for real-time control of contacts' duplicates

Contacts Duplicates Real Time Search
Odoo Tools

odoo Apps will Export excel view for all application like: Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking, Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application

Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report For all Application-xls
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Do your time-wasting in sales, purchases, invoices, inventory, bill of material, scrap operations by manual product selection? So here are the solutions these modules useful do quick operations of sales, purchases, invoicing and inventory, bill of material, scrap using barcode scanner. You no need to select the product and do one by one. scan it and you do! So be very quick in all operations of odoo and cheers! All In One Barcode Scanner - Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory, BOM, Scrap Odoo. Operations Of Sales, Purchase Using Barcode, Invoice Using Barcode, Inventory Using Barcode, Bill Of Material Using Barcode, Scrap Using Barcode Module, Sales Barcode Scanner,Purchase Barcode Scanner, Invoice Barcode Scanner, Inventory Barcode Scanner,Bom Barcode Scanner, Single Product Multi Barcode Odoo. Barcode Scanner App,Package All in one barcode scanner, Operations Of Sales, Purchase In Barcode Module, Invoice In Barcode, Inventory In Barcode, Bom In Barcode, Scrap Using Barcode, Single Product Multi Barcode, Sales Barcode Scanner,Purchase Barcode Scanner, Invoice Barcode Scanner, Inventory Barcode Scanner,Bom Barcode Scanner, Single Product Multi Barcode Odoo. All In One Barcode Scanner-Basic 多合一条形码扫描仪-基本 Scanner de code-barres tout-en-un All-in-One-Barcode-Scanner-Basic Scanner di codici a barre All-in-Basic Escáner de código de barras todo en uno: básico Tudo em um Barcode Scanner-Basic

All In One Barcode Scanner-Basic
Softhealer Technologies

Odoo Show Images in Excel allows you to export the images instead of Base64 while exporting Excel file.

Show Images in Excel
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

This module useful to create dynamic fields in the project without any technical knowledge. Easy to use. Specify basic things and fields added in the form view. Project Custom Fields Odoo, Project Dynamic Field Odoo. Add New Field In Project Form View Module, Create Dynamic Field In Project, Feature For Add Multiple Fields In Project Odoo. Add Project New Field Module, Make Project Dynamic Fields, Create Project New Field App, Assign Custom Fields Odoo. Edit/Update Project Custom Field Odoo. Project Custom Fields 项目自定义字段 Champs personnalisés du projet Benutzerdefinierte Projektfelder Campi personalizzati del progetto Campos personalizados del proyecto Campos personalizados do projeto

Project Custom Fields
Softhealer Technologies

Currently, odoo does not provide any kind of module that can manage appointments. If you have lots of appointments and you cannot manage it, So don't worry we have a solution, we develop an application which can help to manage your all appointments with its time and location, you can manage appointment with its state like waiting, confirmed, done, etc. This module can help to make an invoice for an appointment. Appointment Management 预约管理 Gestion des rendez-vous Terminverwaltung Gestione degli appuntamenti Gestión de citas Gerenciamento de Nomeação For example if you have service base company like your company provide any kind of repairmen (plumbing, mechanic, labor worker,) and any kind of helper, The customer call to your appointee/admin for service as per his requirement, your appointee will appoint the customer with all details like customer address, contact No, customer residence location(if possible), which type of service required and customer note/comment (If customer is regular then you can add that notes or requirement direct in customer note at create customer or even after, when you create appointment for that customer note will be added automatically) on service etc, your The appointee will give the customer the date and timeslot. Appointment Management System Odoo Online Appointment Scheduling System Module, Appointment Management Odoo, Maintain Appointment System, Field Service Management Odoo. Appointment System Module, Appointment Management App, Maintain Field Service Odoo.

Appointment Management
Softhealer Technologies

Website physician appointments, website appointment, patient appointment, medical, doctor appointments, book appointment, clinic, clinic appointment

Clinic - Website Appointments
Simple Apps

App Schedule Activity Assign to Multi Users Schedule Activities Assign Schedule Activity to Multi Users Schedule Activity assign to mass users access level for Schedule Activity Access Control for Schedule Activity Access rights advance Schedule Activity

Assign Schedule Activity to Multiple Users
Edge Technologies

Provides a widget for editing HTML fields using tinymce

TinyMCE Widget
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Search Products By Color, Product Group By Size, Find Products By Brand Module, Products Group By Style, Products Group By Attributes, Search Products By Variant Odoo. Search Products By Color App, Product Group By Size Application, Find Products By Brand Module, Products Group By Style, Products Group By Attributes, Search Products By Variant Odoo.

Product Style, Color, Size, Brand-Advance
Softhealer Technologies

This Module allows you to refresh the page in given interval.

Web Auto Refresh - Reload
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Introducing the Gantt view to Odoo 11 community version.

Gantt View
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Currenlty in odoo we can't print reports in receipt printer, This module useful to print reports as receipt. So you can now easily print many odoo standard reports in receipt printer. You don't need to switch to other printer. All in one Receipt Reports - Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory Odoo Print Sale Order Report As Receipt Module, Print Purchase Order Report As Receipt, Print Invoice Report As Receipt, Print Picking Operation Report As Receipt, Print Delivery Slip Report As Receipt, Print Quotation Report As Receipt, Print Request For Quotation Report As Receipt, Print Invoice Without Payment Report As Receipt, Print SO Report As Receipt, Print PO Report As Receipt Odoo. Print Sale Order Receipt Report Module, Print Purchase Order Receipt Report, Print Invoice Receipt Report, Print Picking Operation Receipt Report, Print Delivery Slip Receipt Report, Print Quotation Receipt Report, Print Request For Quotation Receipt Report, Print SO Receipt Report, Print PO Receipt Report Odoo All in one Receipt Reports - Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory 多合一收据报表-销售,采购,会计,库存 Rapports de réception tout-en-un - Ventes, achats, comptabilité, inventaire All-in-One-Belegberichte - Verkauf, Einkauf, Buchhaltung, Inventar Rapporti sulle ricevute tutto in uno: vendite, acquisti, contabilità, inventario Informes de recibos todo en uno: ventas, compras, contabilidad, inventario Relatórios de recebimento tudo em um - Vendas, Compras, Contabilidade, Estoque

All in one Receipt Reports - Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory
Softhealer Technologies

Do you want to export more than one invoice PDF at a time? Export invoice module uses for export multiple invoices and makes zip in a single click. Using this module users can create a zip of bulk invoices/bills. Easy to search invoices/bills from the directory. Mass Export Invoices Odoo, Bulk Export Invoice Odoo Bulk Export Invoice Module, Feature For Make Mass Invoice PDF, Multiple Bills Export, Bunch Of Credit Note Export, Mass Debit Note Export Odoo Bulk Export Invoice Module, Make Mass Invoice PDF App, Multiple Bills Export, Bunch Credit Note Export, Mass Debit Note Export Odoo Mass Export Invoices 批量出口发票 Factures d'exportation en masse Massenexportrechnungen Fatture di esportazione di massa Facturas de exportación masiva Faturas de exportação em massa

Mass Export Invoices
Softhealer Technologies

Synchronize all user's Office 365 calendar with Odoo calendar

PITS Office 365 Calendar Synchronization
PIT Solutions AG