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The tool to combine different Odoo events in a few configurable super calendars. Shared calendar. Common calendar.

Joint Calendar

Construction Project management Building Construction Projects Construction cost center construction job order construction Cost Header construction Work Package construction Budgets Contractors job work order Real Estate property Bill of Quantity BOQ

Construction Management in Odoo
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Design and publish ZPL labels with easy to use interface.

ZPL Label Designer

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Odoo Advanced Search
Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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With the aid of the Odoo SAAS ToolKit, you can sell Odoo as a SAAS solution to your clients. Use the subscription-based service and enjoy the customization to the fullest. Odoo SaaS Kit, Odoo Saas, Saaskit, Odoo SaaS Script Software, Saas Kit, Odoo Saaskit Software, Saas Business, Saas Kit Trial, Cloud Odoo SaaS Kit, Odoo SaaS Custom, Paytrail Payment Gateway. Eliminate the need to have a physical installation of Odoo and access the Odoo environment for frontend and backend operations with Odoo SaaS Kit.

Odoo Saas Toolkit
Ksolves India Ltd.

This module allows you to store the session in Redis in spite of in Filesystem in werkzeug.

Redis Session Store
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Fetch Contacts from Google and create in odoo Fetch Contacts from Odoo and create in google google contact Google contact synchronization google sync import google google contact export odoo contact google integration google contact integration coordinate data storage exactly same information compatible synchronization gmail Bi-Directional

Google Contact Synchronization
Aurayan Consulting Services

Salesforce Odoo Connect Salesforce with Odoo Salesforce Connector Salesforce Odoo Integration Sales force Odoo Sales force Connector Salesforce API Salesforce Integration 2 way SalesForce connector Odoo

Salesforce - Odoo Connector
Softhealer Technologies

Sale Order Cancel, Cancel Quotation, Purchase Order Cancel, Request For Quotation Cancel, Cancel POS Order, Cancel MRP Order,Delete Invoice, Cancel Payment, Cancel Stock Picking,Cancel Stock Moves Odoo

All In One Cancel - Advance | Cancel Sale Orders | Cancel Purchase Ordrs | Cancel Invoices | Cancel Invenory | Cancel Manufacturing Orders | Cancel Point Of Sale Orders | Cancel Landed Costs | Canel HR Expenses
Softhealer Technologies

Odoo Custom Reports,Reports,odoo reports,Custom Reports,Customize reports,customize your report, Sales Order report,Purchase Order report,Payment Receipt,Custom Layout Option,report customization, Custom,Report templates,Custom layout,sales report.

Odoo Custom Reports
Ksolves India Ltd.

Import Sales Pricelist Import Vendor Pricelist Import Price List Import Pricelist from Excel Import Pricelist from CSV Import Bulk Pricelist Import Pricelist XLS pricelist from XLSX import multiple pricelist lines import product pricelists Odoo

Import Pricelist
Softhealer Technologies

The technical core to add new fields for Odoo documents without any special knowledge

Custom Fields: Core

Odoo Woocommerce Connector, odoo and woocommerce data import in odoo, Multiple Woocommerce store connection, Import Customer Data, Orders, Products, woocommerce Connector Odoo, Woocommerce odoo connector, woocommerce integration odoo, connect woocommerce

Odoo Woocommerce Connector, Multiple Woocommerce store connection, Import Customer, Orders, Products data - Odoo wordpress woocommerce Connector, Bi-directional data exchange between WooCommerce and Odoo
Aagam Infotech

Make Business Letter, Make Formal Letter, Best Employee Certificate Module, Make Informal Letter, Create Official Letter App, Circular Letter, Produce Social Letter, Generate Employment Letter, Make Warning Letter, Create Offer Letter Odoo

Letters and Certificates
Softhealer Technologies

Provides a widget for editing HTML fields using tinymce

TinyMCE Widget (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

sales secondary uom purchase secondary unit of measure request for quotation multiple uom account double uom warehouse multiple unit Stock secondary unit of measure Odoo

All In One Secondary Unit Of Measure | Sale Order Secondary Unit | Purchase Order Secondary Unit | Invoice Secondary Unit | Inventory Secondary Unit
Softhealer Technologies

Auto Parts Website,Find Perfect Vehicle Auto Parts Module, Choose Auto Parts Base On Vehicle Make , Find Auto Parts Based On Model, Type App , Search Auto Parts Based On Model Year Odoo

Auto Parts Website
Softhealer Technologies

Calendar CalDAV protocol

Open Tech S.L.

Scan Barcode On Mobile, Scan Barcode In Tablet, Scan Product Mobile Barcode, Scan Product Internal Reference Number, Product Mobile Barcode Scanner, Product Mobile QRCode Scanner, Product Mobile QR Scanner Odoo

Product Mobile Barcode Scanner | Product Mobile Barcode QRCode Scanner
Softhealer Technologies

Odoo Office 365 Connector,Office 365 Connectors ,Office 365 with Odoo integration,Odoo Office 365 Email,Odoo Office 365 Connector API, Office 365 Task,Office 365 Mail,Office 365 Contact,Office 365 Calendar,Office 365 Base Odoo

Office 365 - Odoo Connector
Softhealer Technologies