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Opencloud Multibanco Ifthen Website
768.00 €
Auto Parts Base
Softhealer Technologies
80.00 €
Auto Parts Website
Softhealer Technologies
180.00 €

All In One Excel Reports like sales order, purchase orders, invoice bill.

All in One Excel Reports - Sale, Purchase, Accounting
Softhealer Technologies
50.00 €

we have build a module that can help to find customer using details of the customer.

Partner Search Dynamic
Softhealer Technologies
30.00 €

you can find a product by its unique fields like internal reference No, barcode.

Product Search Dynamic
Softhealer Technologies
30.00 €

'Sale Order Quick Product Search' is used to search for products in the sale order.

Sales Order Quick Product Search
Softhealer Technologies
35.00 €

This Module used to Show All Taxes Information – Sales, Purchase, Accounting.

Show All Taxes Infomation - Sale, Purchase, Accounting (Price Without Tax, Price With Tax, Taxes Amount, Tax Percentage (%), Total With Tax)
Softhealer Technologies
30.00 €

This module provides an HTML field for description so you can edit and customize your description easily.

Website Description In Backend
Softhealer Technologies
20.00 €

access user template,权限用户模板

access user template,权限用户模板
15.00 €

Connect Equipment to Outside API

Connector Equipment
Open Source Integrators , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Calculate stock landed cost automatically when shipment received

Purchase AutoCount Landed Cost
75.00 €

Show Pending Schedule Activity Counter badge on Odoo menu

Badge - Menu
Ananthu Krishna

The aim of this module is to facilitate to a developer the identification of the external id of a menuitem. This module adds a new field to the ir.ui.menu model with the external id of the menuitem.

Menuitem External Id
Demodoo IT Solutions
Validate Email - Format and SMTP
69.00 €

Provide density of list view with different mode

Display Density(List View)
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
89.00 €

Add Form Chat button to quick send message without scroll up and down.

Web Chatter
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
19.00 €

Create users associated with the partner easily

Easy user creation on partner
29.00 €

Search any data in Odoo. quick and easy. all data search. global search. fast search ever.

Odoo Easy Search, global search, quick search
Simple Apps
50.00 €

Adds information about employee's medical examinations

Hr Employee Medical Examination
Creu Blanca , Odoo Community Association (OCA)