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Revamp your Odoo Dashboard like never before! It is one of the best dashboard odoo apps in the market.

Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
25 544 | 35

This app allow you to present your complex data in form of Charts or list view on Dashboards with awesome query feature of Dashboard Ninja.

Dashboard Ninja Advance
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
139 | 16

Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, SFTP)
Grzegorz Krukar (grzegorzgk1@gmail.com)
13 348 | 13

This app will allow app to manage the List Views on the fly and endeavour a quick and effortless way to view/manage the desired data, where you’ve multifarious options to slice and dice your List View easily on a click.

List View Manager
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
7 158 | 11

Hide Any Field, Hide Any Report From Any User Or Any Group Generic Security Restriction generic_security_restriction restrict menu show_hide_menu hide menu hide field hide report Restrict User Menus hide user menus User Menu Restriction Security for Menu

Hide Any Menu
7 204 | 11

Print any reports or shipping labels directly to any local, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer without downloading PDF or ZPL!

Odoo direct print
30 | 9

A customizable Restful API for Odoo

MuK REST API for Odoo
127 | 8

WhatsApp Integration with Odoo

WhatsApp Odoo Integration
Ascents Entrepreneurs
56 | 7

Professional RESTful API access to Odoo models with (optional) predefined and tree-like schema of response Odoo fields

Professional REST API
Andriy Synyanskiy SP
103 | 6

Introducing the Gantt view to Odoo 11 community version.

Gantt View
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
72 | 6

The tool to build deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use. Knowledge System. KMS

KnowSystem: Knowledge Base System
92 | 5

In automobile shops have numerous auto parts there is no count for parts and it's variants that's the way it is quite difficult to manage into the shop. So that's why we created a model that will help you to manage it. This module will help to manage an auto part by make, model, year, type. You can also assign vehicles in auto parts product variants so it will become very easy to find the product using vehicle details. In this module provide two groups for user and manager so you can easily apply access rights for user and manager. This is very clean and transparent so the user can easily understand how it works. Auto Parts Base Odoo, Auto Parts And Variants Management Odoo Manage Auto Parts And Variants Module, Find High Quality Auto Parts, Feature Of Maintain Auto Parts By Make, Model, Year, Type Odoo, Help You For Search Right Vehicle Parts, Assign Vehicles In Auto Parts Product Variants , Find Product Using Vehicle Details For User And Manager Odoo. Manage Auto Parts & Variants App, Find High Quality Auto Parts, Handle Auto Parts By Make, Model, Year, Type, Find Vehicle Details Module Odoo. Auto Parts Base 汽车配件基地 Base de pièces automobiles Auto Parts Base Base ricambi auto Base de autopartes Base de peças de automóvel

Auto Parts Base
Softhealer Technologies
10 | 5

The technical core to add new fields for Odoo documents without any special knowledge

Custom Fields: Core
89 | 5

Hierarchical Structure of Companies Employee Generate organization chart Odoo chart view Odoo tree structure graph Employee hierarchy chart Employee structure Employee level and grade

Organizational Chart
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
105 | 5

Dynamic Iframe Menus

Dynamic Iframe Menus
7 | 5

Hide menu hide report hide submenu hide field hide any menu hide any report hide any submenu hide any field hide all hide all in one menu hide user wise hide menu user wise hide report user wise invisible menu invisible report user wise report access hides

All in one Hide Menu,Submenu, Field and Reports
5 | 5

Sales Dashboard Ninja!

Sales Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
44 | 5

Easy to import all odoo data i.e Invoice, Sale, Inventory, Purchase,Payment, Picking, Product and Customer.

Odoo all import for Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory,BOM, Pricelist, Payment, Bank Statement, Journal Entry, Picking, Product, Customer.
15 241 | 4

Multi-Level Marketing extension for odoo Affiliate Management.

Odoo Multi-Level Marketing
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
17 | 4

Sales Commission based on Partner, Product, Product Category and Margin calculated on Sales/Invoice/Register Payment

Sales Commission on Sales/Invoice/Register Payment based on Configuration.
87 | 4