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Odoo all import for Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Inventory, Customer/Supplier Payment, Bank Statement, Journal Entry, Picking, Product, Customer.
149.00 €
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Odoo Advanced Search
Nilesh Sheliya
95.00 €
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Car Repair Management
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Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup
Grzegorz Krukar (grzegorzgk1@gmail.com)
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Hide Any Field, Hide Any Report From Any User Or Any Group Generic Security Restriction generic_security_restriction restrict menu show_hide_menu hide menu hide field hide report Restrict User Menus hide user menus User Menu Restriction Security for Menu

Hide Any Menu
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Construction Management
49.00 €
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Auto Backup ODOO Using PSQL Dump

Auto Backup ODOO [PSQL DUMP]
Hilar AK
26.60 €
Dynamic Excel Export Reports For all Application
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The tool to combine different Odoo events in a few configurable super calendars. Shared calendar. Common calendar.

Joint Calendar
74.00 €
Add Custom Fields on Partner(Contact/Customer/Supplier) Form
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odoo Apps will Export excel view for all application like: Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking, Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application | All in one excel report | export sale order report | export purchase order | export invoice report |export sales order report | export account invoice report export picking report | export delivery order | export hr payroll report | export mrp report | dynamic excel report |dynamic export excel | export excel model | excel export application | export custom application | export model | export excel object | export list view | export tree view | export excel view

Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report For all Application-xls
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
25.00 €
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Import Image from URL
Nilesh Sheliya
20.00 €

This plugin helps to make Automatic Synchronization of database via cron process.

Auto Multiple Database Synchronization
29.00 €

This apps helps to import product images with product using local path as well as URL

Import Product Images from Excel(from Path and URL)
29.00 €

All secondary unit of measure for Sale secondary unit of measure for Purchase secondary unit of measure for Accounting secondary unit of measure for Inventory all in one secondary uom Sale secondary uom Purchase secondary uom invoice secondary uom for all

All in One Secondary Unit of Measure Sales, Purchase, Accounting and Inventory
Edge Technologies
28.00 €

Import Product, Customer, Supplier Images From URL, csv, xls file

Import Images From URL / CSV / XLS
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Set Any User To ReadOnly User

Read Only User
8.43 €

Multi Company Hide Any Menu For Any User

Multi Company Hide Any Menu For Any User
10.96 €
X2M Delete Multiple Records
Nilesh Sheliya
20.00 €

Hierarchical Structure of Companies Employee Generate organization chart Odoo chart view Odoo tree structure graph Employee hierarchy chart Employee structure Employee level and grade

Organization chart
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
20.00 €