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2 way SalesForce connector

Odoo SalesForce Connector
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
450.00 €
Odoo WooCommerce Connector
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
175.00 €

Partner Mail or Communication history on partner form view.

Partner Mail History
Almighty Consulting Services
9.00 €

This module will help you to update multiple CRM tags.

CRM Mass Tags Update
Softhealer Technologies
15.00 €

This module will help you to update multiple partner tags.

Partner Mass Tags Update
Softhealer Technologies
15.00 €

Converts Total Amount into Words for Sales Order, Purchase Order and Invoice.

Amount In Words - Multi Language Supported
Softhealer Technologies
18.00 €

Approve Products, and Allow Only Approved Products for Sale, Invoices & Inventory.

Product Approval Process in Odoo
Edge Technologies
9.00 €

New Barcode Types Depending on Check Digit

Barcode Check Digit
29.99 €

Click on any field on form view to edit without going for EDIT button.

One Click Form Edit

Beautiful powerful dashboards. Create a dashboard for KPI's, alerts, teams, TV displays. Works with all Odoo module such as inventory, sales, purchasing, crm, and accounting. Use line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, stacked charts, radar charts, tables, KPI kanban cards. Track goals and measure progress with estimated, forecast and variation tracking. Easily create multiple dashboard screens and tag your dashboard items to keep your dashboard displays organised. Watch our training videos for clear easy to follow instructions on creating your own simple and advanced dashboards. Updated every two weeks. Please let us know any feature requests you have.

Beautiful Powerful Dashboards
Inspired Software Pty Ltd
16.00 €

Leaderboard module offers a clear visual representation of your valuable module data in form of robust cards on a Leaderboard

Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
98.00 €

Import Purchase Orders From CSV and Excel File

Odoo import Purchase order
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
10.00 €

Easy to import Odoo data of contacts through Excel import/CSV import

Import Contact Data
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.
10.00 €

Send Message to partner via Whatsapp web

Send Whatsapp Message
Cybrosys Techno solutions

Login User Details & IP Address

User Log Details
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

User Can Access His Account Only From Specified IP Address

Access Restriction By IP
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Introducing the Gantt view to Odoo 12 community version.

Gantt View
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
19.99 €

MSG91 SMS Gateway Integration

SMS Gateway Msg91
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
49.00 €

This module will calculate incentive for each salesperson based on sale target in gamification

Sales Incentives
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
79.00 €

This module will show email message history of customers/suppliers. Outgoing and Incoming emails history.

Email/Message Email History of Customers/Suppliers
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
10.00 €