Creates a Whitelist for Two Factor Authentication

2FA with Whitelist
manaTec GmbH
700.00 €
ASSIGN Vendors
Odoo Tips
19.00 €

Account Dashboard Ninja!

Account Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd.
199.00 €

Activities Daily Reminder

Activities Daily Reminder
Grzegorz Krukar (
20.00 €

The main purpose of the activity notification is to announce the arrival of the meeting time and send a notification before and after the activity due date.

Activity Notification
Softhealer Technologies
35.00 €

Using this Apps User can Easily add custom field on Product Variant view

Add Custom Field on Product Variant
19.00 €

This apps helps easy to add custom(extra) field on lead form view without technical knowladge

Add Custom Fields on Lead Form
39.00 €

Using this apps Sales User can Easily add custom field on Partner view

Add custom field on Partner(Contact/Customer/Supplier) Form
29.00 €
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Module changes ZIP to Postcode and state to county

Adress form adjustments
Piotr Cierkosz
10.00 €

Manage full and Fast log with advance information. Update IP Address, Platform, Type of Operating System, Browser and its Version Informations.

Advance Audit Trail
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €

The module allows you to update your stock of multiple products simultaneously in the Odoo through CSV/XLS file import.

Advance Stock Inventory Import
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
45.00 €

Present Your Data In Desired Formats

Advanced Graph View - Dashboards
Cybrosys Techno solutions
49.00 €

Advanced MRP & Maintenance By Heliconia

Advanced MRP & Maintenance
Heliconia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
299.00 €

Search on top of list view with your own customization fields.

Advanced Quick Search
Ivan Yang
39.99 €

This module helps to print stock moves in both PDF and XLSX format.

Advanced Stock Move Report
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
9.99 €

This module is very useful to select products on basis of different filters.

All In One Advance Product Search
Softhealer Technologies
251.00 €

This module useful to import data from csv/excel file. Very easy to import data.

All In One Basic Import - Partner, Product, Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory
Softhealer Technologies
55.00 €

This module useful to import data from csv/excel file. Very easy to import data.

All In One Import - Partner, Product, Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory, BOM, CRM, Project
Softhealer Technologies
80.00 €
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All in one mass duplicate / bulk duplicate records. Generic mass duplicate records. Works with any object

All In One Mass Duplicate Records
5.99 €
1 4

All In One Excel Reports like sales order, purchase orders, invoice bill.

All in One Excel Reports - Sale, Purchase, Accounting
Softhealer Technologies
50.00 €