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Ksolves Dashboard Ninja gives you a wide-angle view of your business that you might have missed. Get smart visual data with interactive and engaging dashboards for your Odoo ERP. Odoo Dashboard, CRM Dashboard, Inventory Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Account Dashboard, Invoice Dashboard, Revamp Dashboard, Best Dashboard, Odoo Best Dashboard, Odoo Apps Dashboard, Best Ninja Dashboard, Analytic Dashboard, Pre-Configured Dashboard, Create Dashboard, Beautiful Dashboard, Customized Robust Dashboard, Predefined Dashboard, Multiple Dashboards, Advance Dashboard, Beautiful Powerful Dashboards, Chart Graphs Table View, All In One Dynamic Dashboard, Accounting Stock Dashboard, Pie Chart Dashboard, Modern Dashboard, Dashboard Studio, Dashboard Builder, Dashboard Designer, Odoo Studio. Revamp your Odoo Dashboard like never before! It is one of the best dashboard odoo apps in the market.

Dashboard Ninja
Ksolves India Ltd.
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Print any reports or shipping labels directly to any local, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer without downloading PDF or ZPL!

Odoo direct print
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Odoo SaaS Kit allows you to run your Odoo As A SaaS business. After installation and setup you can sell Odoo As A Saas to your client via subscription based model, saaskit

Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Dashboard Ninja Advance for Odoo allows you to showcase your complex data in form of interactive and engaging charts or list views. Manage the complicated data of your business and get a detailed insight into your sale. Dashboard Ninja Advance, Dashboard Ninja, Modern Odoo Dashboards, Powerful Dashboard, Beautiful Dashboard, Modern Dashboard, Chart Dashboard, Graph Dashboard, Pie Chart Dashboard, Ninja Dashboard.

Dashboard Ninja Advance
Ksolves India Ltd.
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Report Designer allows to Create and Print various Financial and Analytical reports in MS Excel format (XLSX, XLSM)

Report Designer (XLSX, XLSM)
Workflow Customization Powerfully 11.0,强大的自定义工作流解决方案
<Jon alangwansui@qq.com>

List view search,Global Search,Quick Search,Search engine,advance filter,Field Search, advanced search,Tree view,document management system,Resize columns,Export Current View, auto suggestion,Hide column,show column,rename column,reorder column

List View Manager
Ksolves India Ltd.
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The tool to build deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use. Knowledge System. KMS

KnowSystem: Knowledge Base System
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The tool to safely keep passwords for shared use

Password Manager

User Activity Log, User Activity Audit, Session Management, Record Log, Activity Traces, Login Notification, User Activity Record, Record History, Login History, Login location, Login IP

Advanced User Audit | User Activity Audit | Login Notification
Terabits Technolab

A customizable Restful API for Odoo

MuK REST API for Odoo
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Microsoft Azure - Odoo SSO Integration
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Odoo Advance Search
Synodica Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Sales Commission based on Partner, Product, Product Category and Margin calculated on Sales/Invoice/Register Payment

Sales Commission on Sales/Invoice/Register Payment based on Configuration.

invoice mobile qrcode scanner, bom mobile barcode scanner app, stock adjustment qrcode scan, request for quotation mobile barcode scanner, product mobile barcode scanner, warehouse mobile qrcode, account mobile qrcode scanner, purchase barcode Odoo

All in One Mobile Barcode/QRCode Scanner|Sale Order Mobile Barcode Scanner|Purchase Order Mobile Barcode Scanner|Invoice Mobile Barcode Scanner|Inventory Mobile Barcode Scanner|Bill Of Material Mobile Barcode Scanner
Softhealer Technologies

2 way SalesForce connector Odoo SalesForce Connector salesforce connector odoo salesforce integration

Odoo SalesForce Connector
Pragmatic TechSoft Pvt Ltd.

Search on top of list view with your own customization fields. Advance Search, Advanced Search, List View Search, List View Manager, Global Search, Quick Search, Listview Search, Search Engine, Advance Filter, Advanced Filter, Field Search, Tree Search, Search Expand, Powerful Search, Search List View, Best Search List, Search List, Search Tree, Tree Search, Tree View Search, Search Range, Search by Range, Search by Date, Searchbar, Web List Search, Search on List, Easy Search, Fast Search, Search for x2x, Search x2x, Visible Search, Search Filter, Multi Search, Multiple Search, Fastest Search, Base Search, Voraussuche, Recherche Avancée, Chercher, Søke, Buscar, Zoeken, поиск, Dynamic Search, Search View, Domain Filter, Code Search, Odoo Smart Search, Elastic Search, Speed Search, Elasticsearch, Search Suggestion, Search Keyword, Dynamic Filter, Product Search, Search Autocomplete, Auto Search, Automatic Search, Configure Search, Quick Product Search, Optimize Search, Better Search, Linear Search, Binary Search, Sequential Search, Interval Search, Interpolation Search, Search Algorithm, Odoo Advance Search, Odoo Quick Search, Odoo Advanced Search, Configurable Search.

Advance Search & Quick Search
Ivan Yang

Complex data in a single view,dynamic reports,sale report,create reports, custom reports,Create Custom View,report Security,custom query, pivot view report,tree view report,list view report,graph view report, display complex data,create custom report

Ksolves India Ltd.

Add New Field Module, Make Global Dynamic Fields, Create New Field App, Assign Custom Fields Odoo, Update Global Custom Field, Update Global Custom Tab Odoo.

Global Custom Fields
Softhealer Technologies

Do you want to check the product price with product details quickly? This module allows you to check the product price using barcode no. User can enter barcode number by touch keyboard and it will be auto-scan through barcode scanner hardware attached, After a successful scan, You can see product information like product image, product code, product barcode, product sales price, available stock, product specification, product category. It can be useful for the customer also as a customer can easily check product information from the touchscreen or normal screen. we have a virtual keyboard so the user can use in touchscreen. everything is given configurable so the user can easily enable/disable as per his requirement from configuration screen, cheers! Product Price Checker Odoo, Product Kiosk Odoo, Product Information Odoo Check Product Price By Barcode Number, Find Product Using Barcode No, Product Detail By Barcode, Scan Barcode For Price Module, Price Checker Odoo Product Price By Barcode, Find Product Using Barcode No, Product Detail By Barcode, Scan Barcode For Price Module, Price Checker, Product Price By Barcode Number, Check Product Price, Product Price Odoo

Product Price Checker
Softhealer Technologies