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Backend module for attendance kiosk mobile app

Attendance Mobile App
Intigra Technolab

odoo app Loan functionality for employee | employee loan Integrated with Payroll | HR employee loan management employee salary deduction for loan amount | loan amount easy deduction in employee payslip | Manage employee loan | HR loan for employee | Odoo loan management | Loan Request and Approval

Employee Loan Management, HR Loan Process Employee
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Create shift and weekends based on define duration. shifts will not be created on leaves or holidays or weekoffs. filters your shift based on shift type or employee or department or job positions. Generate multiple excel shift roaster report

Employee Shift Scheduling

Equipment allocation and return or transfer to employees and equipment maintenance process includes following features Create allocation request and link equipment with product and serial Equipment request approvals Allocation and return or transfer Create Equipment Maintenance Add multiple components and create stock movements Create invoices for Maintenance Auto create Maintenance request based on define recurring days Skip request on employee weekend or holidays Equipment Maintenance Repair Maintenance Vehicle Maintenance Maintenance request Auto Maintenance request HR Equipment Repair Order Maintenance Request Equipment Allocation Employee Equipment allocation

HR Equipment ALL in ONE

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Effortlessly manage employee loans and streamline loan approval workflows. The perfect solution for simplified and efficient loan processing. | HR Loan Management | employee loans | loan approval | HR loan processing | HR loan system | loan requests and approval | employee loan approval workflows | loan disbursement | employee loan repayment | approve employee loan request | approve loan request

Employee Loan Management

Streamline employee loan management and accounting with our integrated system. Effortlessly handle loan requests, approvals, and accurate financial tracking, all in one unified platform. The perfect choice for simplified and efficient loan processing, including advanced accounting features. | HR Loan Management Accounting | employee loans account | loan approval | HR loan processing | HR loan accounting system | loan requests and approval | employee loan approval workflows | loan disbursement accounting | employee loan repayment | approve employee loan request | post loan journal entries

Employee Loan Management (Accounting)

Dynamic and flexible approval module for expense reports. Streamlining and optimizing your approval workflows. | dynamic expense report approval | flexible approval module for expenses | expense report workflow | customizable expense approval routes | efficient expense report approvals | automated approval process | dynamic approval stages | flexible document workflows | approval route customization | expense reports approval automation and optimization | dynamic approval workflow | expense report routing enhancement | expenses approval optimization, | automated expense approvals | expense approval process | approve expense report

Expense Approval | Dynamic Approval Workflows for Expenses

Linkedin Mail fetching from emails, which are come from linkedin and creating applicant from those mails in recruitment module.

Recruitment: MATT Linkedin Mail Fetcher
MA Tech Teams

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