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The fuel station management system assists users in managing pumps, nozzles, staff shifts, and daily fuel collections from allocated personnel. It tracks credit-based sales information, including vehicle numbers, and generates various reports such as Day End, Shift-wise, Payment Mode, Stock Summary, and Nozzle Summary in PDF and Excel formats. Additionally, it facilitates purchase management by automatically calculating unit prices based on entered subtotal and total quantity. The system also handles expenses, sales, stocks inventory, and accounting tasks, providing comprehensive ledger reports for effective tracking.

Fuel Station Management System
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Auto Parts Base
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Retailer agrees to pay a seller or consignor for merchandise after the item sells or selling goods (clothing, furniture, etc.) through a third-party vendor such as a consignment store. the consignee is financially responsible (the buyer) for the receipt of a shipment also includes commision on consigment and multiple reports. Consignment Management System sale Consignment Management purchase Consignment Management consignee Management buyer Management consignment store

Consignment Management System

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Car Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management Odoo App

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