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Auto Parts Vehicle Management Auto Parts Attributes OEM Original Equipment Manufacture Fleet Repair Vehicle Repair Maintenance Fleet Service Repair Automotive Make Model Year Type Grade Engine Transmission Brand Odoo

All In One Auto Parts Management - Advance
Softhealer Technologies

Auto Parts Base Odoo, Auto Parts And Variants Management, Manage Auto Parts & Variants App, Find High Quality Auto Parts, Handle Auto Parts By Make, Model, Year, Type, Find Vehicle Details Module Odoo.

Auto Parts Base
Softhealer Technologies

Fleet repair vehicle repair car Maintenance auto-fleet service repair Car Maintenance Repair workshop automobile repair Automotive Service repair Automotive repair machine repair workshop equipment repair service Repair auto repair shop Auto Shop repair

Car Repair and Automotive Service Maintenance Management Odoo App

Tour and Travel Booking Management Visitor Management Tour Booking Service Tour Agents Hotel Booking Room Management System Hotel Rooms Management Hotel Room Management Hotel Reservation Management complete Hotel Management Solution Odoo Reserve Hotel Rooms Hotel Operations Hotel Administration Hotel Marketing Hotel Revenue Management Hotel property management Hotel guest services Hotel Booking Management Hotel Management System Manage Hotel Booking Manage Room Booking Manage Rooms Booking Room Reservations Room Reservation System Room Reservation Management Manage Hotel Rooms Hotel Management Odoo App Hotel Management Odoo Module

Hotel Management System | Hotel Reservation System
Softhealer Technologies

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GraphQL, Json:API, API Key, User and Sudo Access and more.

Odoo API Bundle Lite

The Hospital Management System is designed to efficiently manage every aspect of healthcare delivery, from clinic management to patient care and administrative processes. With features tailored for both outpatient and inpatient management, as well as streamlined operations for lab tests, X-rays, and physiotherapy, our system ensures seamless coordination across all departments.Hospital Management System efficiently handles appointments, admissions, and discharge procedures while streamlining lab tests, physiotherapy sessions, and insurance management for enhanced patient care and administrative efficiency

Hospital Management System
AppsComp Widgets Pvt Ltd

Farms as Cultivation area and can distribute into Blocks Crop Activities and Materials and fleet and equiments management Accident and incident management Soil and water analysis Disease and cure management Inspection of crop on every process Multiple Processes as tasks and timesheet for labours Production summary and budget and costing claim and claim request and payments Agriculture or Farming solution as service providers Farmer management Farming Solution Agriculture Services Agriculture Cultivation Soil Testing Geolocation Crops Pestisides Farm Management system Crops Management system

Advance Farm / Agriculture Management

Repair Order Portal Online Repair Order Portal Repair management system Repair order Maintenance order portal Service requests portal Repair tracking Order Management solution Repair Portal for Repair Orders Order Handling Portal Service Portal Comprehensive Repair Portal Request For Repair Orders RO Prtal ROs Portal RO Management Ro Portal User Customers RO Portal Customers Repair Order Management Customers Repair Order portal Odoo Repair Orders Portal Repair Order Details at Portal Repair Order Details On Portal Repair Details at Portal Repair Details on Portal Website Repairs Portal Website Repair Orders Portal Manage Repair Orders at Portal

Repair Order Portal
Softhealer Technologies

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