SA UAE VAT configuration

Saudi/UAE VAT(Arabic VAT)
Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
20.00 €

Nepali Datepicker for all Odoo modules, with instant AD to BS and BS to AD conversions

Nepali Datepicker (Calendar)
10 Orbits
128.83 €

UA localization of Customer Invoice Reports

Sales Reports for Ukraine
Garazd Creation
29.00 €

Report of ukrainian letter of authority

Ukrainian letter of authority
Garazd Creation
15.00 €
Egypt Accounting - CodeFish
10.00 €
Malaysia Localization Package
Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
893.00 €

Print Payment Receipts in PDF according to the Templates 01-TT and 02-TT

Vietnam - Payment Receipt
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
55.80 €

Odoo Australian Payroll

555.00 €
Custom Fevicon Icon
Electromation Solution
10.00 €
Egypt Payroll
Ramadan Khalil
20.00 €
1 24

Vietnam Chart of Accounts according to Circular #200/2014/TT-BTC by the Ministry of Finance

Vietnam Chart of Accounts - Circular No. 200/2014/TT-BTC
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
99.90 €

Add Salary rules and structures according to Vietnam's nature

Vietnam - Payroll
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
91.80 €
Egyptian Chart of Accounts
50.00 €

Default Loan Order Template receivable & payable accounts for Vietnam

Loan Management - Vietnam Accounting
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
369.60 €

Add salary rules and structures according to Vietnam Employee Insurance Policies

Vietnam - HR Insurance & Labor Union
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
247.50 €

Accounting Data for Vietnamese Payroll Rules

Vietnam - Payroll with Accounting
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
211.50 €

Add forwarding rules in compliance with VAS

Vietnam Account Balance Carry Forward
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
209.70 €

Convert from number to Vietnamese words

Number to Vietnamese Words
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
9.90 €

Accounting Data for Vietnamese Payroll Rules with Insurance & Labor Union fees

Vietnam - Insurance & Labor Union with Accounting
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
377.10 €

Vietnamese Localization for Fleet Driver

Vietnam Driver License Classes
T.V.T Marine Automation (aka TVTMA)
65.70 €