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Auto Generate lot number in manufacturing auto serial number generate serial from MO auto lot generation auto lot number create auto lot from MO auto lot create lot auto generate lot for manufacturing auto generate serial for mrp Automatic lot creation

Auto Generate serial/lot number from Manufacturing order in odoo

App for MRP product substitute MRP substitute product manufacturing product substitute manufacturing order product substitute manufacturing order substitute product manufacturing substitute product MO substitute product for manufacturing change request.

Manufacturing Substitute Product App
Edge Technologies

Apps for Import multiple BOM import bom import bills of materials import componant on bom import mrp import manufacturing data from excel

Import bill of materials (BOM) from Excel or CSV File in Odoo

Apps for process costing on Manufacturing Order bom process costing process costing Manufacturing bill of material costing manufacturing accounting cost manufacturing material cost manufacturing labour cost manufacturing overhead cost total mrp costing

Manufacturing Process Costing in Odoo

Cost price BOM cost price BOM total cost bill of material total price for BOM manufacturing BOM total cost price total BOM cost of a product cost computation of finished good finished product cost calculate BOM cost BOM costing update product cost from BOM.

BOM Product Cost Price Odoo
Edge Technologies

This Module allows user to cancel manufacturing order. mo cancel | cancel manufacturing | cancel mrp | reset mrp | reset manufacturing | resert mo | mo order cancel | mrp cancel | cancel mo | cancel and reset mrp | cancel and reset mo

Cancel Manufacturing Order
Equick ERP

Substitute MRP Products

MRP Substitute Products
Brindsoft Technologies

Allow you to do process costing (Material Cost, Labour Cost, Overheads) for manufacturing orders.

Process Costing in Manufacturing Process MRP
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

This app allows you to export "BOM Structure & Cost Report" in excel format. This app exports the same report which Odoo standard prints in PDF format and our app prints the same report / data in excel as shown in below screenshots

BOM Structure & Cost Report in Excel
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

This app provide feature of engineering change order (ECO) for Bill of Materials

Engineering Change Order (ECO) for BOM
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

hide sales price BOM, Disable sales price bill of material,disable cost price bom, show cost price bill of material,remove cost price, remove sales price, hide cost price, show sales price,Hide Product Price BOM odoo

Hide Product Price - BOM
Softhealer Technologies

Manufacturing secondary unit of measure for manufacturing order secondary unit of measure for MRP secondary unit of measure MRP secondary UOM manufacturing secondary UOM for manufacturing secondary UOM for MRP Secondary UOM for production secondary UOM.

MRP Secondary Unit of Measure-UOM
Edge Technologies

Manufacturing Template Bill of Material Template MRP Template BOM Template Manufacturing Order Template Manufacturing Custom Template Bill of Material Custom Template MRP Custom Template MRP Multiple Templates BOM Multiple Templates Odoo

Manufacturing Bill of Material Template
Softhealer Technologies

Apps for process costing on Manufacturing with accounting entry mrp process costing accounting Manufacturing accounting entry for process costing mrp material costing mrp accounting cost mrp labour cost mrp overhead cost total mrp accounting costing

Manufacturing Process Costing with Accounting Entry in Odoo

This apps helps you to easy split manufacturing order by number of qty/split | Split MRP | Manufacturing Order Split | Production Order Split

Split Manufacturing Order
Preway IT Solutions

Auto add all attachments to work orders from the MRP Order.

Auto Add Attachments
Harhu IT Solutions

This module allows you to select multiple variants on single BOM.

BOM Mult Variants Assign

Selected BOM in Sale Order into Manufacturing Order

BOM Selection in Sale Order Line
Odoo IT now

This Module allows user to generate mrp order with select bill of material in sale order line. bom in sale order line | bom in sale order | sale order bom | sale order bom line

Bill Of Material in Sale Order
Equick ERP

Cancel manufacturings Order cancel processed manufacturing order Cancellation of manufacturing order cancel mrp cancel manufacturing manufacturing cancel mrp cancel mo cancel cancel mo canel bom cancel work orders work order cancel cancel inventory moves inventory moves cancel Cancel mrp Cancel manufacturing manufacturing Cancel mrp Cancel mo Cancel Cancel mo Cancel bom Cancel work orders work order Cancel Cancel inventory moves inventory moves Cancel Cancel Mrp Cancel Manufacturing Manufacturing Cancel Mrp Cancel Mo Cancel Cancel Mo Cancel Bom Cancel Work Orders Work Order Cancel Cancel Inventory Moves Inventory Moves Cancel cancel manufacturing order manufacturing order cancel Cancel Manufacturing Order Manufacturing Order Cancel Cancel manufacturing Orders manufacturing Orders Cancel Cancel MO MO Cancel MO CANCEL mo cancel cancel mo Annulla ordine di produzione annulla ordine di produzione elaborato Annullamento dell'ordine di produzione annulla mrp annulla produzione annulla mrp annulla mo annulla mo canel bom annulla ordini di lavoro ordine di lavoro annulla annulla spostamento inventario movimenti inventario annulla Annulla mrp Annulla produzione produzione Annulla mrp Annulla mo Annulla Annulla mo Annulla bom Annulla ordini di lavoro ordine di lavoro Annulla Annulla movimenti inventario movimenti inventario Annulla Annulla Mrp Annulla Produzione Produzione Annulla Mrp Annulla Lu Annulla Annulla Lu Annulla Bom Annulla Ordini di lavoro Ordine di lavoro Annulla Annulla Movimenti inventario Movimenti inventario Annulla annulla ordine di produzione ordine di produzione annulla Annulla Ordine di produzione Ordine di produzione Annulla Annulla Ordini di produzione Ordini di produzione Annulla Annulla MO MO Annulla MO ANNULLA mo cancel cancel mo Cancelar orden de manufacturas cancelar orden de manufactura procesada Cancelar orden de manufactura cancelar mrp cancelar manufactura manufactura cancelar mrp cancelar mo cancelar cancelar mo canel bom cancelar órdenes de trabajo orden de trabajo cancelar cancelar movimiento de inventario movimiento de inventario cancelar Cancelar mrp Cancelar manufactura fabricación Cancelar mrp Cancelar mes Cancelar Cancelar mes Cancelar bom Cancelar órdenes de trabajo orden de trabajo Cancelar Cancelar movimientos de inventario movimientos de inventario Cancelar Cancelar Mrp Cancelar Fabricación Cancelar Mrp Cancelar Mo Cancelar Cancelar Mo Cancelar Bom Cancelar Órdenes de trabajo Orden de trabajo Cancelar Cancelar Movimientos de inventario Movimientos de inventario Cancelar cancelar orden de fabricación orden de fabricación cancelar Cancelar orden de fabricación Orden de fabricación Cancelar Cancelar fabricación Órdenes fabricación Órdenes Cancelar Cancelar MO MO Cancelar MO CANCELAR mo cancelar cancelar mo

Cancel Manufacturing Order
Craftsync Technologies