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This plugin helps to show process costing on Manufacturing Order based on BOM

Manufacturing Process Costing
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This Module allows user to cancel manufacturing order. mo cancel | cancel manufacturing | cancel mrp | reset mrp | reset manufacturing | resert mo | mo order cancel | mrp cancel | cancel mo | cancel and reset mrp | cancel and reset mo

Cancel Manufacturing Order
Equick ERP
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This module helps to automatically generate serial and lot number from the Manufacturing Order

Auto Generate serial/lot number from Manufacturing
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Module help to show Cost Price inculded BOM which calculate from cost of All componant of Bill of Material.

Update Product Cost from BOM
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Manage to hide menu user wise

Hide Menu
Craftsync Technologies
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Using this module you can generate manufacturing product unique lot and serial number

Auto Generate Lot Number in Manufacturing / Manufacturing product auto unique Lot/Serial number Generate
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Auto Generate Lot/Serail number in Workorder of Manufacturing

Auto Generate Lot Number in Manufacturing WorkOrder(Community & Enterprise)
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This app send email when Product stock is low..

Low Stock Notification
Craftsync Technologies
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This Module Allow us to Split Manufacturing Order Based on Number of Split.Split Mo in Equal Part

Split Manufacturing Order
Vraja Technologies
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odoo app allow to Split Manufacturing Order by Number of order / Number of quantity

Split Manufacturing Order
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd
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Easy to Import multiple BOM with multiple sales order lines on Odoo by Using CSV/XLS file

Import BOM from Excel or CSV File
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This Module allows user to generate mrp order with select bill of material in sale order line. bom in sale order line | bom in sale order | sale order bom | sale order bom line

Bill Of Material in Sale Order
Equick ERP
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This module allow you to duplicate bom when product duplicate. Product BOM Duplicate Odoo Duplicate Bill Of Materials Module, Copy BOM Of Product, Duplicate BOM And Routing, Same BOM In Duplicate Product Odoo. Duplicate BOM App, Copy Product BOM Module, Copy Routing BOM,Same Product BOM Odoo. Product BOM Duplicate 产品物料清单重复 Nomenclature du produit en double Produktstückliste duplizieren Duplicazione distinta componenti del prodotto Producto BOM duplicado Lista de produtos duplicada

Product BOM Duplicate
Softhealer Technologies
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This apps helps you to easy split manufacturing order by number of qty/split

Split Manufacturing Order
Preway IT Solutions
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Substitute MRP Products

MRP Substitute Products
Brindsoft Technologies
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This app allow you to do process costing (Material Cost, Labour Cost, Overheads) for manufacturing orders.

Process Costing in Manufacturing Process
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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This module develop to full fill requirements of Machine Repair Services Provider or Industry.

Machine Repair Management (All Types of Machines)
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.
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This Odoo app helps user to calculate manufacturing process costing with accounting entry, Now user can add material cost, labour cost, overhead cost to manufacturing order and journal entry will created for manufacturing order.

Manufacturing Process Costing with Accounting Entry in Odoo
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Quality Control for MRP Quality Control for manufacturing Quality Control Inspection QC MRP QC Validation MRP QUALITY ASSURANCE mrp Quality inspection manufacturing inspection manufacturing quality inspection purchase inspection advance quality control mrp

Advance MRP Quality Control Management/QC Manufacturing
Edge Technologies
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Quality Control (QC) management for Manufacturing.

Quality Control (QC) Management for Manufacturing
Edge Technologies
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