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The module allows the customers to make partial payment for their orders and the user can validate the invoice for partial payment in POS session.Split payment POS|POS half payment|Validate partial invoice POS|POS partial invoice|Pay later POS|POS make payment later.

POS Partial Payment
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

pos order reservation pos reserve order reservation in pos reservation on point of sale pos order booking on pos booking order reserving in pos order reserve in pos reserve pos items pos item reserve pos order booking pos order booking order on pos

Odoo POS Reservation Order
Edge Technologies

This module allows user to see customer previous order history in POS.| Point Of Sale | POS sale | Customer | Customer Order History | Previous Order | POS Orders | Past Orders | POS Previous Orders | POS Order History | Recent Orders | POS Recent Order| Recent Order History | Customer Recent Orders |

POS Customer Order History
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Allows user to print X-Report, Z-Report, Sales Summary report, Product Summary Report,Order Summary Report,Payment Summary Report and Session & Inventory Audit Report.

POS Reports (Enterprise)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Allows to set multi currency pricelist in POS.

Pos Multi Currency Pricelist
ErpMstar Solutions

app helps to manage point of sales home delivery feature on POS cash on Delivery details pos home delivery POS Delivery pos order home Delivery Pickup Call In POS order pickup pos Call In order delivery pos order delivery POS Retail delivery pos order pos ordering food ordering pos COD

POS Home Delivery Order in Odoo

Show Product Stock on POS Screen, Set Location and as per Selected Location show stock on POS screen, POS Item count Show in POS Screen Order line, Show Low Stock Product List in POS

POS Stock in Odoo
Icon TechSoft Pvt. Ltd.

POS ALL REPORTS, POS All In One Reports, POS Reports, POS Custom Reports, POS Z Report, POS Session Z Report, Logo & Barcode on POS Receipt, Pos Barcode Receipt, POS Logo Receipt, Pos Receipt, Pos logo on Pos Receipt, Company address in Pos Receipt, Barcode(Order number) on POS Receipt, Point of Sale Receipt, pos logo barcode Receipt, Shows logo and barcode on POS Receipt, Barcode In POS Report, POS Receipt Barcode, Barcode POS Receipt, Point Of Sale Report, POS Day Wise Product Sales Report, POS Day Wise Product Sale Report, POS Weekdays Report, POS Weekly Report, Daily POS Product Sales Report, Weekly POS Product Sales Report, Weekly POS Report, Weekly Product Sales Report, Weekly Product Report, POS Day Wise Sales Report, POS Day Wise Sale Report, POS Week days Report, POS Week Day Report, Payment Method Report, Point Of Sale Report, POS Payment Report, POS Payment Method Wise Report, Daily POS Payment Report, Payment Method Wise POS Report, Payment Wise POS Report Point Of Sale Tax Report, Point Of Sale Taxes Report, Tax Report, POS Tax Report, POS Taxes Report, POS Tax Details, POS Taxes Details, Point Of Sale Tax Details, Point Of Sale Taxes Details, Tax Details, POS Tax Receipt, POS Taxes Receipt, POS Tax Summary Receipt, POS Taxes Summary Receipt, POS Tax Summary Report, POS Taxes Summary Report, POS Session P&L Report, POS Session Profit & Loss Report, POS Margin Profit and Analysis Report, POS Report, POS Session Report, POS Profit in Sale Detail, POS Profit Report, Daily profit report, POS Margin Report, P&L Report, Profit & Loss Report, Profit and Loss Report, Point Of Sale P&L Report, Point Of Sale Session Report, Margin Report, Cost Price, POS Margin And Analysis, Profit in POS Order Analysis Report, Product Profitability Report, POS Order Report, POS Session Order Report, POS Report, POS Delivery Order Report, POS Session Delivery Order Report, POS Delivery Report, POS Session Delivery Report, POS Picking Report, POS Session Picking Report, POS Invoice Report, POS Session Invoice Report, POS Detailed Report, POS Session Detailed Report, POS Custom Report, POS Reports, POS Session Reports, Shop Invoice Report, Shop Report, Shop Delivery Order Report, Shop Delivery Report, Point Of Sale Report, Point Of Sale Session Report, POS Bracode Report, Session Barcode Report, Point Of Sale Barcode Report, POS Session Barcode Report, POS Session Summary Report, Point Of Sale Summary Report, Shop Summary Report, POS Session Payment Report, Session Payment Report, Point Of Sale Payment Report, POS Summary Report,

All In One POS Reports || POS Reports
OMAX Informatics

The module shows the list of orders placed in a Odoo POS screen. The user can also view previous orders from one customers in running POS session.Reorder list|POS Load previous orders|Past orders pos|Pos past orders|Orders POS session

POS All Orders List
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

POS Warehouse Quantity Warehouse Available Stock,pos item stock, Point Of Sale Warehouse Product Quantity, POS Warehouse Management, POS Inventory Management,Display Stock Quantity POS,POS screen stock Product POS Product Warehouse Quantity Odoo

POS Product Warehouse Qty
Softhealer Technologies

It provides a handy payment method through which the customer can do their payments via Stripe. They need to scan the qrcode in order to make the payment.

POS Stripe Payment Acquirer
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Manage multiple stock location within the POS Session, So that if any product is out of stock then seller can order product from other stock locations

POS Warehouse Management
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Validation of Closing POS, Order Deletion, Order Line Deletion, Discount Application, Order Payment, Price Change and Decreasing Quantity

[Original] POS Manager Validation using User PIN

Create Quotation from pos create Sales Order from Point of Sale screen pos backend automate POS Auto Invoice pos automate process POS Invoice Automate Point of Sales auto payment auto pos backend process pos auto process point of sale auto workflow pos

POS Auto Workflow Management

Sales Product Profitability Report Point of Sale Profitability Report for POS Product Profit Report POS profitability report pos Product Profitability Analysis Report sale order Profitability Report product sales Profitability report pos margin pos profit

Sales and POS Product Profitability Analysis Report

App Credit Payment on POS and adjust POS payment pos partial payment point of sale partial payment point of sales credit payment pos credit payment pos wallet payment POS customer credit payment POS Customer Wallet pos credit payment pos partial credit

POS Customer Credit Payment Odoo App

Point Of Sale PayLine Reference pos payment reference on point of sale payment reference pos pay reference add payment reference on pos payment code pos payment label pos payment memo payment order on pos payment number

Payment Reference on POS

Allows Seller's to promote there new products and customers can also see there products.

POS Customer Screen (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Using this module to auto select LOT/Serial in POS sorted by expiry date.

POS Lot Auto Selection depend on expiry date
Ahmed Elmahdi

Using apps POS Closed Session Report generate pos session report pos Closed sessions report POS-BOX Compatible pos day summer report pos daily reports pos session report pos z reports for POS Cash register pos session report pos sales report pos report

POS Cash register Z-Report in Odoo