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The module shows the list of orders placed in a Odoo POS screen. The user can also view previous orders from one customers in running POS session

POS All Orders List
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
27.00 €
2 175 | 5

This module allows user to add note for product or pos order from pos interface.

POS Note
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
15.00 €
1 109 | 4

Use analytic account defined on POS configuration for POS orders and in Journal Entry

POS Analytic Account
Abdallah Mohamed
15.00 €
          40 | 4

This apps allows you to Redirect on POS screen without going backend once login.

POS Direct Login/POS User Login Management
14.99 €
          27 | 4

Boosts Odoo POS loading speed 1000-times faster

POS Speed Up
199.00 €
          106 | 3

All in One POS feature POS All Orders List, POS Reorder, POS Order Reprint, POS Coupons Discount & Gift Vouchers, POS Bag Charges, POS Order Return, POS Sale order, POS Invoice Auto Check, POS Stock, POS Items Count, POS Fixed Amount Discount, Filter Orders based on Customers

All in One POS Features
89.00 €
1 71 | 3

This apps helps manage customer wallet and allow recharge wallet for the customer

POS Customer Wallet Management
55.00 €
          23 | 3

POS Bundle Product Pack
49.00 €
          21 | 3

Margin calculation on POS backend Order based on product and visible on analysis report

POS Margin and Analysis
22.00 €
          46 | 3

The module allows you to instantly process returns in the Odoo POS session. The user can resolve the customer’s issue and process returns without delays.

POS Order Return
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €
2 107 | 3

Customer Pole display function is achieved in this module along with an option to show adverts

POS Mirror
Kanak Infosystems LLP.
20.00 €
          10 | 3

Use multiple POS for handling orders

Sync POS orders across multiple sessions
IT-Projects LLC , Ivan Yelizariev
400.00 €
1 53 | 2
Point Of Sale COGS (Anglo-Saxon)
ERP Ukraine
250.00 €
          11 | 2

The module allows you to create discount coupons and vouchers in Odoo POS. The voucher code can be used by the customer to obtain discount on orders.

POS Coupons And Vouchers
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
125.00 €
          102 | 2

Point system for POS, POS Bonus, POS Loyalty, POS Gift, POS coupon, Point of sale Bonus, Point of sale Loyalty, Loyalty, Bonus, Coupon, Gift

Point of Sale Bonus, Gift, Loyalty addon
Dusal Solutions , Tiny SPRL
50.00 €
1 105 | 2

Product Ordering for Point of Sale

POS Product Ordering
39.99 €
          11 | 2

The module allows you the POS user to add notes on each order lines on the POS cart and also on complete POS order. The notes show up on the Odoo POS receipt.

POS Order Notes
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
35.00 €
          61 | 2

Staff get order details immediately after waiter taps on tablet

Sync restaurant orders
Ivan Yelizariev
430.00 €
          43 | 2

This apps helps to manage home delivery feature on POS with Delivery details

POS Home Delivery
29.00 €
          27 | 2

This module allows user to purchase giftcard,use giftcard and also recharge giftcard.

POS Gift Card
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
26.00 €
          52 | 2