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Customized Point of Sale layout and keyboard shortcuts for desktop users

Custom POS Keyboard Shortcut
Abdullah Al Arafat Bipul

Allows to automatically select the order line where product is append.

Pos Orderline Selection
ErpMstar Solutions
29.00 €

Allows to restrict download the invoice when will select invoice.

Pos Restrict Invoice Download
ErpMstar Solutions
19.00 €
POS Retail Multi Session
TL Technology
999.00 €

Allowing customers to complete POS transaction on credit card terminal (Six ECR Terminal).

Six ECR Terminal Integration - Xao Xao Digital
Xao Xao Digital CO. , LTD
1490.00 €

POS Lot Selection

POS Lot Selection
45.00 €

The module allows to use Shortcuts for your Odoo POS. Define various hotkeys on your keyboards. Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts can be created. POS Shortcuts / POS Keyboard Shortcuts can be created.

POS Keyboard Shortcuts
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
49.00 €

This module helps you to manage van sales using POS

Van Sales Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
49.00 €

POS Multi Barcode for product and using that barcode you can Scan Product with barcode and also for Sales Quotation Order

POS Multi Barcode(Using O2M for community and Enterprise)
7.00 €

Custom order line for POS

POS Order Line
Elson Smith

Way to have manager to discount

POS Discount Confirm
Elson Smith
34.35 €

Restrict discount in categories

POS Discount Limit
Elson Smith
25.76 €

POS Cashier Restriction, if Customer is standard Cashier than hide all the collcetion details.

POS Cashier Restriction(Community & Enterprise)
Kiran Kantesariya
5.00 €

Logo For Each Point of Sale (Delevery Receipt & Order Receipt)

Shop Logo and Delevery Reciept
Zero Systems
POS Sale Details Excel Report
Cozy Business Solution Pvt.Ltd.
99.00 €
POS Payment Mode Report
5.50 €

POS Session Report Print frontend in Thermal Printer

POS Session Report / POS Session Report Print frontend in Thermal Printer
5.50 €

Using this module you can print current session report

POS Session Report OR POS Daily Report
7.00 €

Using this module you can direct login in to POS without using Backend.

POS Direct Login Without Backend in Odoo / POS Quick Login
5.50 €

Allows you to print receipt from dot matrix printer.

Pos Dot Matrix Printer
ErpMstar Solutions
50.00 €