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POS Offline Access and Operation
1netcloud Ltd.

set default POS Customer

POS Default Customer
OM Apps

Change the POS theme based on your choice

POS Theme
Jupical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Show amount discounted on POS for each orderline and total order!

POS Show Discounted Price
Cahier du dev

Disable discount on POS for a specific user!

POS disable discount for specific user
Cahier du dev
Foss POS Rounding

Sales Product Profitability Report Point of Sale Profitability Report for POS Product Profit Report POS profitability report pos Product Profitability Analysis Report sale order Profitability Report product sales Profitability report pos margin pos profit

Sales and POS Product Profitability Analysis Report

Allows you to upload document from POS.

Pos Upload Document
ErpMstar Solutions

This module is allow to restrict discount limit on product and product category

POS Discount Limit
Preway IT Solutions

Allow to upload document in Point of sale

Point Of Sale Upload Documents
Kiran Infosoft

Allows to add delivery charges according to regions.

Pos Regions Based Delivery Charges
ErpMstar Solutions

Generate Weighted Barcode of the Product to used in POS with To Weigh With Scale solution

Product Weighted Barcode
iPredict IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Point Of Sale Dashboard, POS Dashboard, Smart Dashboard Point Of Sale Module, Modify POS Dashboard App, Manage Multi Company POS Dashboard, Set POS Dashboard Counter, POS Dashboard Fix Charts, Set Tables In POS Dashboard Odoo

Point of Sale Dashboard
Softhealer Technologies

App use scan the product qrcode through the webcam pos scanner pos qr code scanner webcam point of sale scanner point of sale qr code scanner product qr code scanner from pos qr code scanner QRcode screen from pos scanner by qrcode product scan from pos

POS QR Code Scanner
Edge Technologies

This Addon will help user to direct login into POS

Yudha POS Login Odoo
Albertus Restiyanto Pramayudha

App Print POS backend receipt point of sale backend receipt point of sales backend receipt pos receipt report point of sale receipt report point of sales receipt report Generate receipt from POS customer receipt send POS receipt print point of sale receipt

POS Backend Receipt Report Odoo
Edge Technologies

pos table reservation

pos table reservation
Smart Solutions

This module allows you to see a large product image from the POS interface. On clicking the enlarge image icon popup comes with a large product image with a description in point of sale. Point Of Sale Product Enlarge Image Odoo POS Product Enlarge Image Module, Point Of Sale Zoom Product Photo, POS Large Image, Make POS Picture Big, POS Product Large Image Odoo POS Product Enlarge Image, Point Of Sale Zoom Photo, POS Large Image Module, Make POS Picture Big App, POS Product Large Image Odoo Producto Punto de Venta Ampliar imagen Odoo  Módulo de imagen ampliada del producto de punto de venta, punto de venta, foto del producto ampliada, imagen de punto de venta grande, imagen de punto de venta grande, imagen de producto de punto de venta grande Odoo  Producto de POS Ampliar imagen, Foto de zoom de punto de venta, Módulo de imagen grande de POS, Aplicación grande de imagen de POS, Imagen de producto de POS de gran tamaño Odoo POS Product Enlarge Image POS产品放大图片 Produit PDV Agrandir l'image POS-Produkt Bild vergrößern Prodotto POS Ingrandisci immagine Producto POS Ampliar imagen Produto POS Ampliar imagem

POS Product Enlarge Image
Softhealer Technologies

Apps helps to Point of sales product suggestion pos product suggested product on point of sale product suggestion pos suggested product on pos suggestion product point of sales suggested product on point of sales product suggestion on point of sales

POS Product Suggestion App
Edge Technologies

Touchscreen Interface for Shops for hide Numpad

Hide Numpad in POS Interface