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Use analytic account defined on POS configuration for POS orders

POS Analytic Config
ACSONE SA/NV , Tecnativa ,

Pways POS Orders Tags

POS Orders Tags

Clear all order lines in one click or one by one

POS Clear Orderline

Set a minimum or maximum price restriction for a product in POS.

POS Product Price Alert
Weblytic Labs

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POS Payment Analysis Report
Leap4Logic Solutions Private Limited

POS Kitchen Network Printer allows you to print the POS Kitchen Order Receipt using a network printer. It allows you to configure ESC/POS network printer with Odoo POS.POS Kitchen Network Printers|Odoo POS Network Printers|Network Kitchen Printers|Kitchen Printer Network|Odoo Kitchen Printers|Odoo Printers

POS Kitchen Network Printer
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.

Point Of Sale Employee Discount POS Employee Discount Point Of Sale Order Line Employee Discount POS Custom Discount Point Of Sale Discount POS Discount POS Line Discount Special Employee Discount Odoo Automatic Discount Automatically Apply Discount Special Employee Automatic Discount in POS Special Employee Automatic Discount in Point Of Sale Maximum Discount for Special Employee Maximum Discount on POS Order Maximum Discount on Point Of Sale Order Max Discount for Special Employee Max Discount on POS Order Max Discount on Point Of Sale Order Employee Discount Feature Add Employee Discount POS Add Employee Discount Feature Point Of Sale Employee Discount Feature Maximum Discount Max Discount Special Employee Predefine Employees Selected Employees Discount on Each POS Order Line Discount On Each Order Line of Point Of Sale Discount on POS Order Discount on Point Of Sale Order

Point Of Sale Employee Discount
Softhealer Technologies
POS PreOrder HR
Daniel Santibáñez Polanco

Save time by showing useful information about products on the POS window.

POS Stock Quantity Pro
Weblytic Labs

POS Product Addons Group,POS Combo Product,POS Product Bundle,POS Product Pack

POS Product Addons Group | POS Combo Product | POS Product Bundle | POS Product Pack
Creyox Technologies

This app allows users to create/update material requisitions request from POS.

POS Material Requisition UI
Probuse Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

Customize Cash Control Mechanism in Point of Sales

Limit Cash Control in Odoo Point of Sale
Ewetoye Ibrahim

Allow employees access to close session button

Employee Close Point of Sale Session
Ewetoye Ibrahim , Erplify.ng

POS change price Tracking, pos price change track, pos validate change price, track price change, pos track change price report

POS Price Change Tracking Backend
Khaled Hassan

This module is used for reprint the receipt from POS Orders in POS Screen.

Reprint Receipt
Aktiv Software

Allows to select an account journal in point of sale. | Permite seleccionar un diario contable en punto de venta.

Journal Selection in POS | Selección de diario en PDV

POS Order Rounding App, POS Enable Rounding, POS Rounding Amount Module, Point Of Sale Rounding Value, POS Total Number Rounding, POS Total Rounding, POS Round-Up Value, Cash Rounding, Payment Rounding, POS Rounding To Fifty Normal POS Rounding Normal Rounding POS Rounding Module Rounding POS Order Product Rounding Products Rounding Payment rounding app Round Amount In Receipt Manual Payments Price rounding Odoo

POS Rounding
Softhealer Technologies

This module allows users to split products from a POS cart and generate receipts based on the split products.

POS Split Cart (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Reserve Order and Product with paying some amount and then confirm when pay full amount

POS Order In LayBy
Caret IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

POS Validate Authenticate POS Manager Add/remove Quantity POS Change Price POS Remove Order Line POS Remove Order POS Close POS Screen POS Validation POS Order Validate POS Manager Approval POS Order Validation Order Deletion Order Line Deletion Discount Application Order Payment Price Change Decreasing Quantity Odoo POS Validation Odoo POS Validate Odoo POS Confirmation Odoo POS Confirm Odoo POS Checking Odoo POS Check Odoo POS Access Odoo POS User Access Right Delete Order Delete Order line POS Closing Decrease Quantity POS Cash In/Out POS Cash Out/In POS Cash Movement POS Order Deletion POS Order Line Deletion POS Order Discount Application POS Order Payment POS Order Price Change POS Order Decreasing Quantity Odoo POS Validation Type Odoo POS Validate by Password POS Validate by Barcode Odoo Point Of Sale Confirmation Odoo Point Of Sale Confirm Odoo Point Of Sale Checking Odoo Point Of Sale Check Odoo Point Of Sale Access Odoo Point Of Sale User Access Right POS Delete Order POS Order Delete Order line Point Of Sale Closing POS Order Decrease Quantity Cash In/Out Cash Out/In Cash Movement POS Order Refund Cash In Cash Out POS Order Cash In POS Order Cash Out Point of Sale Order Deletion Point of Sale Order Line Deletion Point of Sale Order Discount Application Point of Sale Order Payment Point of Sale Order Price Change Point of Sale Order Decreasing Quantity Odoo Point of Sale Validation Type Odoo Point of Sale Validate by Password Point of Sale Validate by Barcode Odoo Sale Confirmation Odoo Sale Confirm Odoo Sale Checking Odoo Sale Check Odoo Sale Access Odoo Sale User Access Right Point of Sale Delete Order Point of Sale Order Delete Order line Sale Closing Point of Sale Order Decrease Quantity Cash In/Out Point of Sale Cash Out/In Point of Sale Cash Movement Point of Sale Order Refund Point of Sale Cash In Point of Sale Cash Out Point of Sale Order Cash In Point of Sale Order Cash Out Refund Cash Refund POS Refund POS Cash Refund Point of Sale Refund Point of Sale Cash Refund POS Manager validation Point Of Sale Manager Validation

Point Of Sale Manager Validation
Softhealer Technologies