This apps helps to manage point of sale orders from the POS screen

All pos orders list in Odoo
298 | 13

This apps allows you to generate partially paid order, you can also create draft order from POS.

POS Pay Later in Odoo
142 | 10

This apps helps to reprint and reorder existing POS Orders from Order list

POS Orders Reprint and POS ReOrder
174 | 10

This plugins helps user to pay with multi currency in point of sale.

POS Multi Currency payment in Odoo
74 | 8

Print POS Receipts & Tickets using ESCPOS IP network printer. Works without IoT Box

IP Network Printer Drivers (ESC/POS)
Optima ICT Service LTD
147 | 7

A Screen for kitchen staff.

POS Kitchen Screen (Community)
Acespritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
190 | 7

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Attachments manager
Shurshilov Artem
7 113 | 7

Print Bar/Restaurant orders & bills using ESCPOS IP network printer. Works without PosBox

Bar/Restaurant ESC/POS IP Network Printer Drivers
Optima ICT Service LTD
5 112 | 7

This app helps to Create Quotation/Sales Order from Point of Sale screen

POS Sale order- Create Sales order from POS
128 | 6

Point Of Sale Order List, Order List POS, POS Order List, POS All Order List,All pos orders list in Odoo,POS Frontend Orders Management, POS Order management, POS Order List Management, POS current session order,POS current order odoo

Point Of Sale Order List
Softhealer Technologies
53 | 6

This apps helps to Allow and Disable POS Features like Payment, Qty, Discount, Edit Price, Remove Orderline

Allow/Disable POS hide Features in Odoo Access rights Restrict User in Odoo
118 | 6

Point Of Sale Order Sync, Order Sync, POS Order Sync, POS Order Synchronisation, Restaurant Perfect System, Multipurpose pos order sync, Point Of Sale Sync Orders, POS Sync eCommerce Orders ,POS Sync restaurant order Odoo

Point Of Sale Order Sync
Softhealer Technologies
21 | 5

Print POS Reports

ALL POS Reports in Odoo (POS BOX Compatible)
133 | 5

Apps help to Display Stock Quantity on POS,Allow/Deny order based on stock

POS Stock in Odoo
12 340 | 5

POS Extra Access Rights App,Restrict Access Point Of Sale Module,POS Disable Customer Button,POS Deny Numpad, POS Restrict Plus-Minus Buttons, POS Disable Quantity Button,POS Discount Disable,POS Payment Button Disable,POS Disable Price Odoo

Point Of Sale Access Rights
Softhealer Technologies
35 | 5

Using this module you can print POS Session Report or Z Report from frontend end Using Thermal Printer.

POS Session Report | POS Z Report | POS Session Z Report | Session Cash In Out
43 | 5

Point Of Sale Screen Auto Lock, POS Auto Lock, POS Screen Auto Lock,Point Of Sale Automatic Screen Lock,POS Screen Lock,Pos Lock Screen Automatic,Pos Lock Screen Manual,POS Session Lock,point of sale lock, POS Lock,Auto POS Lock Odoo

Point Of Sale Screen Lock | Point Of Sale Auto Lock
Softhealer Technologies
15 | 5

To provide credits for regular customers in POS

POS Credit Limit
Cybrosys Techno Solutions
44 | 5

This module allows to make custom POS Receipt.

POS Receipt Design
Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd.
40 | 4

This apps helps manage customer wallet and allow recharge wallet for the customer

POS Customer Wallet Management in Odoo
53 | 4