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View customer orders from pos customers section

POS View Customer Order
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Hide Pos Opening Cash Control Point of sale hide opening cash control pos hide opening cash control pos restrict opening cash control pos cash control restrictions hide pos cash control pos hide cash control restrict pos cash control hide opening cash controlHide Cash Control - Using this module Enable and Disable restrict Opening Cash Control and Opening Cash Control. pos restrict cash control

POS Hide Opening Cash Control
Khaled Hassan

Add the order-line using webcam scanner by adding barcode of products

Add Product using Webcam Barcode in Pos
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Category wise receipt for the Point of Sale

POS Category wise receipt
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Restaurant: Show the order amount on each Table

Restaurant: Show Amount on Table
Domiup (domiup.contact@gmail.com)

User Access to Closing POS, Odoo POS validation,Odoo POS validate, Odoo POS confirmation, Odoo POS access, Odoo POS user, user access, POS User Access, access right,POS Disable Close Session Button by Access rights Disable POS Close Session Button by Access rights Disable Point of sales Close Session Button by Access rights Hide POS Close Session Button by Access rights hide point of sale close session button hide,POS Close Session Allow in POS Interface POS closing, closing POS,POS MANAGER validation,pos close session access, pos session close access restrict user cloasing session, POS session close, pos session access

POS Close Session User Access
Khaled Hassan

Disable POS access based on the User, Disable POS Features like Payment, Quantity, Discount, Edit Price, Remove Orderline, Manual Customer Selection and Plus and Minus qty, POS User Permissions Access Control for Point of Sale User Roles in POS Security Settings for POS, Role-Based POS Access Point of Sale Authorization User Privileges for POS Access Rights Configuration Role-Based POS Restrictions, POS User Access Management POS User Security Permission Levels in Point of Sale,POS Disable Buttons, POS Access Rights, POS Buttons Access, Allow/Disable payments, Allow/Disable add product, All In One POS Access Management, Allow/Disable delete, Allow/Disable price, Allow/Disable discount, Allow/Disable quantity, Control access to the POS payments,POS Disable Refund Button, Control access to the POS quantity, Control access to the POS delete, This apps helps you to Allow/Disable POS Features like Discount, Change Price, Payment, Quantity, Remove Orderline | Allow/Disable pos features, Restriction of POS User | POS Access Rules | Point of Sale Access Rights | Allow/Disable POS Features Point of Sales Access rightsControl access to the POS price, Control access to the POS add product POS User Role Assignment Secure POS Access Customizable Access Controls for POS POS Extra Access Rights, Restrict Access Point Of Sale POS Disable Customer Button POS Deny Numpad POS Restrict Plus-Minus Buttons, POS Disable Quantity Button POS Discount Disable POS Payment Button Disable POS Disable Price POS Access Rights Odoo.

POS User Access Rights
Khaled Hassan

POS Dark Mode, POS Dark Theme, pos theme, pos dark, dark mode,| pos night mode | pos dark mode| pos night mode | enable pos dark mode | pos night mode | pos dark theme Dark Mode pos Night Mode pos Module Night mode pos Dark Theme Application pos Dark Mode pos Night System pos Dark System Dark App Night Work Theme In Odoo pos

POS Dark Mode
Khaled Hassan

Print Invoice Number in Order Receipt.

POS Hide Product Info
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

POS Product Sequence module is used in Odoo POS to display the products position in POS Session according to the sequence or numbers assigned. If you have 5 products in backend and you want to set its sequence from 1 to 5, then same sequence wise product show in POS Session in odoo.

POS Product Sequence
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

This Module is a useful odoo addons for customizing your POS Restaurant sales for Pizza and other foods. | Pizza Modifiers | Custmize Pizza | Product Modifiers | PoS Pizza

POS Pizza Modifiers
Kanak Infosystems LLP.

Direct Printer Integration for Odoo POS

POS Bill Direct Print
Dustin Mimbela

POS Service Management Point Of Sale Service Management POS Order Service Management Manage All POS Services POS Services In Single System All POS Order In One System Laundry Management System Laundry Service Management System POS Laundry Service Management Point Of Sale Laundry Service Management POS Laundry Order Service Management Manage All POS Laundry Services POS Laundry Services In Single System All POS Laundry Order In One System Laundry service Odoo Laundry Booking Management System Laundry POS System Laundry Management Dry Cleaning Laundry Management ERP System Dry Cleaning Management System Laundry & Dry Cleaning Management System Washing and Laundry Management Check In/Out Service Receipt Notes On Each Service Predefine Notes Service Notes Check In Notes in Check In Receipts Generate Check In Receipts Service Order With POS

POS Laundry Management System
Softhealer Technologies

point of sale product sequence set pos product sequence arrange product sequence in pos screen pos product sequence warning validation point of sale sequence pos screen product sequence pos product order pos product sorting pos product ordering

Point of Sale Product Sequence

Pos Open Cash Drawer, Pos Open cashbox, open cash drawer from product screen,Open cashbox, Open Cash Drawer, easily open cash drawer, Open cash drawer button, Pos Cash drawer, Cash drawer, Cash box,

Pos Open Cash Drawer
Khaled Hassan

Advanced loyalty Management

Advanced Loyalty Management
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

Price-Based Quantity feature – designed to transform retail operations. With this tool, businesses can easily adjust pricing based on quantity,

Auto Quantity Set based on Price
BeyonData Solutions Private Limited

Restrict POS Users to allowed Points of Sale.

POS User Restriction
BeyonData Solutions Private Limited

POS Receipt Barcode Will Add Barcode of Receipt Ref Number in Pos Receipt,print barcode,barcode in receipt, receipt, barcode, pos receipt barcode, pos barcode, barcode pos Prints product barcode on POS receipt POS Barcode EAN POS Receipt pos barcode.

POS Receipt Barcode
Khaled Hassan

POS Customer Purchase Limit, POS Customer PO Limit, POS Customer Order Limit, POS Order Limit, Purchase Limit On POS, POS Customer Purchase Limit, POS Customer Purchase,POS Customer Purchase Exceeded limit, Purchase Limit POS, POS PO Validation, Purchase Limit, POS Client Purchase Limit

POS Customer Order Limit
Khaled Hassan