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Point Of Sale Realtime Stock Update

You need to build a promotion program on pos odoo. This module will help you

POS Promotion | Pos Promotion Code (PRO)
Dev Happy

Allows customers to easily create their order.

POS Customer screen
ErpMstar Solutions

Point Of Sale All in One Summary Report, This report allow user to print Excel and PDF reports of Point of Sale Order, Delivery Orders and Invoice details, Point of Sale Report, Point of Sale Summary Report, Pos Session Report, Pos Session Delivery Report, Pos Session Invoice Report, Pos Session Pos Report, Point of Sale Session Report, Point of Sale Session Delivery Report, Point of Sale Session Invoice Report, Point of Sale Session Pos Report, Point of Sale Delivery, Point of Sale Invoice, Point of Sale Order, Pos order report, Pos delivery, Pos invoice, Pos Session Details, Point of Sale Session Details, Pos Delivery, Point of sale delivery, pos session Delivery,Delivery print, Point of Sale Session Invoice, Pos Invoice, Point of sale Invoice, pos session Invoice,Invoice print, Print Excel, Print PDF,Excel,PDF,Report, All in one Pos Report,

Point Of Sale Summary Report
OMAX Informatics

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