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Helps to view all documents attached to Projects/Tasks

Project And Task Attachments
Cybrosys Techno Solutions

odoo apps to restrict Create past date Task, Task Restrict Deadline ToDay, Restrict past date Deadline, Task Date deadline, Task Restrict, Task Deadline date restrict, date deadline, task past date, task date deadline

Task Restrict Deadline ToDay, Restrict past date Deadline
DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd

Create project task from CRM lead project task from create CRM pipeline task CRM opportunity project CRM pipeline project assign CRM opportunity task create CRM pipeline task from CRM project CRM lead task CRM project pipeline CRM project task

Project Task from CRM Opportunity | Lead | Pipeline
Edge Technologies

Manage your project by team

Project Team management
TIT Solutions

Odoo app allows you to create and link checklists to tasks & also update the checklist percentage.task checklist, checklist for tasks,Task Checklist, Project Task Checklist, Custom Checklist for Task Odoo, Project Task Own Checklist, task management checklist, checklist percentage, checklist app, checklist module, task checklist management, task checklist tracking, task checklist completion, task checklist automation, task checklist collaboration, task checklist customization, task checklist integration

Task Checklist, Project Task Checklist, Custom Checklist for Task Odoo, Project Task Own Checklist
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Open form view project without going through the settings menu

Project Form view from kaban view
TIT Solutions

Odoo application allows you to create multiple Tasks from the Lead, Create task from lead, Generate Task from CRM, Generate Task from CRM Lead, Generate Task from Lead, Advance Create Task from Lead, Task from Lead Odoo App, Task from Lead, Create Task from Lead Advance in Odoo, task management, odoo task, create task, task from crm

Create Task From Lead, Task from Lead in Odoo, Advance Create Task From Lead in Odoo
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This app allows you to print a report of your project checklist, project checklist report, project report, checklist report, project report PDF, project checklist printing, project overview report, project summary report, project status report, Odoo project report PDF, Odoo checklist report, project management report, Odoo project checklist printing, project management tool, odoo, odoo apps, odoo report, project report

Project CheckList Report, Project Report PDF, CheckList Report
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Assigns a unique code to each new task that is created, Auto-assign unique sequence numbers to new tasks, Track tasks by code in task lists, kanban views, and reports, Easily identify duplicate tasks, Auto-assign unique code to new tasks, Auto-generate unique sequence number for new tasks, Auto-number new tasks, Auto-sequence new tasks, Unique task code generator, Unique task sequence number generator, Task code numbering, Task sequence numbering, Track tasks by code, Task code tracking, Task Sequencing, Unique Task Numbering, Task Sequence Generator, Automatic Task Number Assignment, Custom Task Codes, Sequential Task IDs, Task Number Auto-Assignment, Task ID Generator, Odoo Task Sequence, Task Order Management, Auto-Generate Task Codes, Task Tracking with Sequences, Odoo Task Number Plugin, Task Serial Numbering, Task Workflow Automation, Odoo Task Management, Task Order Control, Task Number Customization, Task Identifier Generator, Sequential Task Labeling, Task Unique Identifier, Task List Customization, Task Numbering Add-On, Odoo Task Automation, Task Numbering Extension

Odoo Auto Task Sequence Number, Unique Task Sequence Number
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Added reviewer

Project Task Reviewer

Add customer name to project tiles

Project - Customer name

Add a workflow to project tasks

Project - Light Workflow
Project timesheet time control
Tecnativa , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Shows the progress of tasks on the timeline view.

Project Timeline - Timesheet
Onestein , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Record products spent in a Task

Project Task Material
Daniel Reis , Tecnativa ,

Allows to assign and create task stages on project creation wizard

Project Task Stage Management
ForgeFlow , Odoo Community Association (OCA)
Project Parent
Therp B.V. , Elico Corp ,
Project Purchase Link
AvanzOSC , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

The module adds an action to duplicate tasks with the child subtasks

Project Duplicate subtask
Forgeflow , Odoo Community Association (OCA)

Adds a 'Project Administrator' access group with restricted visibility to 'Projects'

Project Administrator Restricted Visibility
Tecnativa , Odoo Community Association (OCA)